10 Best Italian Restaurants: Long Beach, California

Have you decided to visit Sunny California and gotten curious about the 10 best Italian restaurants in Long Beach, California? Keep reading this guide for all the best Italian food in town.

  1. Christy’s Ristorante:  The 10 best begins with an upscale dining experience for those looking for elegance and the best service. It’s romantic and private. Great for taking your significant other and treating her to the best. Menu prices are hefty but if you want the best, you have to pay for it. 3937 East Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803. (562) 433-7133
  2. La Traviata: You’re entertained by talented opera singers and pianists while you dine on a very elegant meal. Extraordinary dishes and world-class services provided. 301 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802. (562) 432-8022
  3. Michael’s on Naples: This 10 best Italian venue offers you a very lovely time. A nice place to take your date. The wine menu is extensive and worth taking a look at. 5620 East Second Street, Long Beach, California 908031. (562) 439-7080
  4. Portofino on Pine: A perfect Italian grill for finicky eaters. Make your reservations before dining at this classy affair. 95 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802. (562) 435-5989
  5. L’Opera: First class dining and brilliant ambiance describes L’Opera. A great place for business meetings or dining with good friends. Only the best service is given to patrons. 101 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802. (562) 491-0066
  6. Ferraro’s Cucina Italiana: Everyone will enjoy this venue which is one of our 10 best Italian restaurants in California. Offers friendly atmosphere and really good homemade entrees and desserts. 6204 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, California 90803. (562) 986-4860
  7. Nino’s Italian Restaurant: A sweet family style restaurant with truly nice people. You’ll feel right at home eating here. 3853 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, California 90807. (562) 427-1003
  8. Cucina Picarelli: Another family restaurant that serves pizza, tiramisu and other tasty Italian foods. 5096 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, California 90804. (562) 494-5118
  9. Nico’s:  This is a formal dining experience with professional service. The menu provides excellent Italian food. There is a bar if you don’t want to sit at a table. You’ll also find a beer and wine menu. 5760 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, California 90803. (562) 434-4479
  10. Francelli’s: The last of our best Italian restaurants isn’t expensive. The menu consists of the usual Italian dishes, including pizza. It’s been around since 1969 and is still serving the same neighborhood. They welcome families and couples. This restaurant is simple and straightforward–nothing too fancy. 3404 East 4TH Street,Long Beach, California 90814. (562) 434-3441
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