10 Best Italian Restaurants: Virginia Beach

Are you traveling to Virginia and need to know the 10 best Italian restaurants in Virginia Beach? If so, keep reading this helpful guide.  You’ll find the best restaurants for your dining pleasure.

  1. Mannino’s Italian Bistro: The first of our 10 best Italian restaurants takes us to Mannino’s. You’ll find great food and wine it this bistro. They pride themselves on providing meals of exceptional quality at decent prices. They also serve traditional Italian desserts. The wine list isn’t too bad either. It’s quite extensive for those who love their fine wines. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to dine well at this restaurant.  You’ll even have money left over for a movie. 4402 Princess Anne Road. Suite 107, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. 1 (757) 474-4446  
  2. Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Yes, it’s on the 10 best list. They’re everywhere because they serve good Italian. Have you seen Carrabba’s website? That featured entrée looks pretty good. 739 Lynnhaven Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452. 1 (757) 631-0856
  3. Aldo’s Ristorante: Now, this is a nice romantic restaurant for couples. The ambiance is very elegant. With over 300 wine selections, you may need to have your date drive you home. Of course, if she drinks just a tad too much, you’ll both need a cab. But before testing out the wine menu, enjoy a delicious entrée of Italian goodness. The menu prices are not too bad on the wallet. Enjoy. 1860 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454. 1 (757) 491-1111
  4. Pulcinella: You’ll find nothing but remarkable food and service at this 10 best restaurant. It’s another place to take your date. 1255 Fordham Drive, Suite 106, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464. 1 (757) 222-0081
  5. La Marinella Trattoria: This Italian eatery possesses exceptional authentic entrees. Take a break from imitation Italian food and try the real thing. The atmosphere is very elegant and sweet on the eyes. You’ll find the wine list worth looking at and the dessert decadent. Prices are a little high, so bring the Visa. 2105 West Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 1 (757) 412-0203
  6. La Bella Italia: They serve hearty portions at this best Italian restaurant in Virginia Beach. The menu prices will set you back a little, but not by much if you don’t mind paying for a good meal. Dessert is yummy and the wine list is decent. 1065 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 1 757) 422-8536
  7. Il Giardino Ristorante: If you like your sauces made from scratch and not out of a can, then make your way here. The food is fresh and made with high quality ingredients. You won’t find cheap prices here, so prepare to pay well. Dress in your best attire. 910 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.1 (757) 422-6464
  8. Primo Pizza: This pizza joint serves excellent food. Customer reviews are favorable. Give it a try. 2277 Upton Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia  23454.1 (757) 430-7777
  9. Isle of Capri:  Isle of Capri is one of our 10 best fine dining experiences. They have a wine list of 260 selections. The décor is pretty nice and the menu is delightful. Of course, the menu prices are not delightful for your wallet. At least you can impress your date with the oceanfront view and wine menu. 3900 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 1 (757) 428-2411
  10. Casa Pizza: Casa Pizza is the last restaurant on our list. You’ll actually leave this one with some money left over. They serve dinners, pizza, subs, salads and dessert. Everything is fresh. 344 Constitution Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. 1 (757) 499-9201   
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