10 Best Italian Soccer Players

The 10 best Italian soccer players are a group of tough defenders, skilled midfielders and ruthless strikers. The national team had a poor World Cup in 2010 but there is no doubting the quality of some of the individuals. Here are the best Italian soccer players.

  1. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus): The Alice Cooper look-a-like is at the veteran stage but is still the best goalkeeper in Europe. Italy missed him badly at the World Cup and the place is rocking now that he is back in action.
  2. Andrea Pirlo (AC MIlan): In many peoples eyes Pirlo is the best Italian soccer player in the modern game. He has a fantastic ability to score impossible goals and make inch perfect passes and there are few midfielders who come close.
  3. Giuseppe Rossi (Villareal): Born in the U.S., coached in England and now playing in Spain, the talented Mr Rossi is the hot prospect that many Italians believe will be the next super star but for the minute he is a high scoring Italian soccer hero.
  4. Mario Balotelli (Man City): Balotelli ruffled feathers at Inter and left to start a new life in England but no sooner had he arrived than he announced he does not plan to stick around for long. Luckily his free flowing skills match his free flowing verbal mishaps and he is one of the best Italian soccer players to have emerged in recent years.
  5. Fabio Quagliarella (Juventus): With a name like Quagliarella, people are not going to talk about you unless they have to but when you score as many goals as he does you are the topic of the day. He is the main marksman at Juventus and looks like a more than adequate replacement for the best Italians stars who played there before him. 
  6. Marco Motta (Juventus): An easy name to remember for a no nonsense kind of guy. Motta plays at Juventus where they have always loved tough defenders who take no prisoners and he is the latest to fill that role.
  7. Daniele De Rossi (Roma): The natural successor to Totti for club and country, De Rossi is a soccer player with skill and vision. He does not shy away from tackles and scores more than his fair share of goals.
  8. Angelo Palombo (Sampdoria): Angelo was a late developer but like many Sampdoria soccer players he has become an Italian star. He is a clever midfield maestro who does well in attack and lets few people past him.
  9. Antonio Cassano (Sampdoria): He plays with Palombo at Sampdoria and does his best to fill the boots of Italian soccer legends Vialli and Mancini. He scores goals for fun and stays out of trouble so in that respect he is well on his way to being the next Mancini. 
  10. Simone Pepe (Juventus): He is another of the Juventus starlets and a midfield superstar. Pepe has all the attributes to become one of the best soccer players in Europe but for now at least is one of Italy's best.
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