10 Best James Bond Movie Characters

Get into the best of Bond with the 10 best James Bond characters. The 10 best Bond characters run the spectrum form Bond Girls to villains and supporting players. Without these characters, the James Bond films may not have lasted as long as they have. So without further adieu, here are the 10 best James Bond characters:

  1. James Bond (1965-Present)- You can split hairs all day about who was the best James Bond, but no matter which Bond you pick, 007 is by far the best of the best when it comes to the 10 best James Bond Characters.
  2. Dr. Julius No ( “Dr. No 1962” )- Dr. No was the first Bond villain to capture the public’s imagination. The evil SPECTRE mad scientist thrilled us with his metal hand and fiendish plots to destroy the world. Being the the villain that started it all is what makes Dr. No one of the 10 best James Bond characters.
  3. Pussy Galore ( “Goldfinger” 1964)- Her stunning beauty and awesome tongue-in-cheek name is what makes makes Pussy Galore one of the 10 best James Bond characters. Sure, there have been other Bond Girls with awesome names, but no one beats Pussy, Pussy Galore.
  4. Auric Goldfinger ( “Goldfinger’ 1964)- The villain known for his obsession with the heaviness of gold and his attempts to saw James Bond in half with a laser is what makes him one of the 10 best James Bond villains. The lines “ Do you expect me to talk?,” “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to dies” is one of the greatest lines uttered in James Bond history.
  5. Max Zorin (“View to a Kill” 1985)- The product of evil Nazi experimentation, Max Zorin makes our list of the 10 best James Bond characters, because he was played by the ultimate bad ass, Christopher Walken. And, there is nothing more bad ass than Christopher Walken.
  6. May Day ( "View to a Kill" 1985)- Played by the personification of sexy and scary, Grace Jones, May may not be the hottest Bond Girl to every hit the screen, but she is definitely the baddest.
  7. Francisco Scaramanga ( "Man with the Golden Gun" 1974)- Being able to kill a man with one shot should make him one of the 10 best James Bond characters, but we will be honest and admit that it was his superfluous third nipple that has seared him into our minds.
  8. Ms. Moneypenny (1965-1985)- Ms. Moneypenny made her mark as the sexual foil for James Bond. The tension and sexual innuendo between Ms. Moneypenny and Bond was a pleasant contrast to the hyper-sexual relationships that Bond has with the rest of the Bond Girls that grace the screen. Being the good girl who is dying to be bad makes Ms. Moneypenny one of the 10 best James Bond characters.
  9. Q (1965-present)- You can’t have a James Bond movie without Q. He is the man behind all of the gadgets that James Bond has at his disposal. If it wasn’t for Q, James Bond wouldn’t have survived the last 48 years. Being the man behind the gadgets ensures Q a spot on our list of the 10 best James Bond character.
  10. Jaws (“The Spy Who Loved Me” 1977)- Who can forget the scary henchman with the metal teeth? Now that we look at his mouth, we are beginning to wonder if this is the guy that started the metal grill phenomenon.
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