10 Best Japanese Erotic Movies

The 10 best Japanese erotic movies described below are extremely famous in cinematography. Widely referred to as “pink film,” these Japanese erotic movies are, in fact, soft pornographic films that turned popular since the 1980s. In the 2000s, Japanese erotic movies began to gain international popularity.

  1. “The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai” (2003). Featured in the Santa Barbara Film Festival, this Japanese erotic movie focuses on a pretty private tutor who is trapped amidst the conflict between a North Korean spy and a Middle Eastern spy. During the process, she is granted exceptional intelligence and brain power. The tutor then becomes the tutor of the son of a philosophy professor and begins a sexual relationship with the professor.
  2. “Daydream” (1964). As one of the oldest Japanese erotic movies, “Daydream” is shown at the Venice Film Festival and was released in the United States. This film begins with a man and an attractive woman both waiting at a dentist’s office. When the anesthesia kicks in, the man begins to have dreams about engaging in sexual activities with the woman. However, when he wakes up, he finds actual bite marks on the woman’s chest.
  3. Sekirara” (2005). This film is not one of the typical Japanese erotic movies most audiences are familiar with. In fact, “Sekirara” is a documentary on the sex industry in Japan, which is filled with prostitutes from different countries. The sex workers in Japan talk openly about their experience. The documentary is filmed in a way that resembles an erotic movie.
  4. “Ichijo’s Wet Lust” (1972). The main actress of this film is a stripper in real life, and thus “Ichijo’s Wet Lust” is in some sense her biography on the big screen. The film features Ichijo’s life as a stripper, and how she balances the sexual relationship with her boyfriend and the strip club owner. Ichijo sees herself as an artist when she performs her striptease. When a younger stripper steps in, Ichijo decides to perform striptease to the next level.
  5. “Koichiro Uno’s Wet and Swinging” (1984). Another relatively old erotic film, this movie is a parody of a popular Japanese manga on tennis players. The poster of “Koichiro Uno’s Wet and Swinging” features a half naked, young Japanese girl wearing a tennis skirt. This movie was popular when it was released, mainly due to its portrayal of highly sexualized young students.
  6. “The Insect Woman” (1963). Set in the 1910s, this film portrays the life of a woman in poverty. The movie title symbolizes her life as like an insect. This woman is going in circles and repeating her mistakes. First, she is molested by her stepfather. Then, with an attempt to climb the social ladder, the protagonist develops a sexual relationship with her boss. When that endeavor fails, she ultimately becomes a prostitute.
  7. “Branded to Kill” (1967). This low-budget  movie focuses on a hitman in a Japanese gang, who falls in love with his target. The hitman’s lover is then kidnapped. The kidnapper sends him a video of the woman being bound and tortured. This movie includes rough sex, bondage and some S&M inferences that attracts many people.
  8. “Frog Song” (2005). A popular film at the Pink Grand Prix Ceremony, it portrays the lives of two young artists who make ends meet by being call girls. The two of them live with a housewife who is dissatisfied with her marriage. The movie is erotic, but at the same time, it intricately explores the relationship among women and their perception of selling sex.
  9. “Uncle’s Paradise” (2006). This Japanese erotic comedy focuses on the life of a man who catches squids as a living. His life becomes unstable when his uncle moves in with him. As a womanizer, his uncle immediately begins to seduce his nephew’s girlfriend. At the end, the uncle dies because he is bitten by a poisonous snake at the scrotum.
  10. “Girl Boss Guerilla” (1972). With ample sex scenes featuring naked biker girls, “Girl Boss Guerilla” has a loose plot about a group of Japanese rebellious women who roam the street on their motorcycles. There are also plenty of violent kill scenes and wonderful background music. As such, “Girl Boss Guerilla” is appealing to a wide range of audience.
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