10 Best Japanese Female Singers

The 10 best Japanese female singers are a combination of hot looks and sweet voices. Japanese singers are slowly making their way States side. Mostly for their sweet Japanese curves and soft faces. These ten Japanese female singers are no strangers to lust filled gazes. These ten Japanese female singers are beautiful as well as talented. This article will introduce ten of the best Japanese female singers in Japan that also have the looks to back up the vocals. Sit back and enjoy the article then set out on the web to take a gander and a listen. These Japanese female singers are sure to light a fire and grab your attention.

  1. Haruna Ono holds a sweet innocent “school look” but belts out JRock tunes to match the best female rock singer’s period. This vixen has the voice, skill and looks to battle with the best of them. Her voice is crisp, young and perfect for the tunes Scandal presents, which are tops in Japan for her genre.
  2. Namie Amuro is a sultry and sexy singer who has captured the soul of Japan. This woman is positively gorgeous and has a voice that is unequalled in Japan. Her tunes are smooth and breathtaking and her body is definitely a temple.
  3. Aya Ueto is a traditional Japanese beauty with an angelic voice. This flawless skinned beauty brings to mind the days of old in Japan. She is a beauty further than skin deep and possesses one of the best singing voices of our generation.
  4. Mika Nakashima is proclaimed as Japan’s sexy singer. No arguments here just chose a different top ten. A popular and sexy JPop singer, Mika as sexed up the scene with her melodious voice and sex appeal.
  5. Utada Hikaru is Japan’s version of Mariah Carey in her day. She is a chart topper with every song she sweetly sings and possesses looks that leave a sigh on your lips. This mega star shows no signs of slowing her popularity march onto the International market and her looks will for sure assist in that movement.
  6. Kana—can you say adorable? This Jpop sensation is a musical gem. Her voice is angelic, her moves sinful and her overall appeal undeniable. One of Japan’s top grossing Jpop sensations, Kana will have you doing more than using your hands to snap to her catchy beat.
  7. Ai Otsuka defines beauty and Japanese elegance. This Jpop singer is another chart toper that show no indication of slowing down. Her girl next door good looks mixed with a fantastic voice is sure to make a household fantasy.
  8. Mai Kuraki is a sultry voiced cutie that has the male population of Japan wrapped around her ankles. Her voice is a marvel and her appeal rising with each passing day. Another top seller in Japan this beauty has proven she has what it takes.
  9. Misia is a R&B singer that belts out the tunes like no other in Japan. This talented singer is a swooner in her own right and possesses the right mixture of looks, appeal and talent to make for a long and profitable career.
  10. Akia Blue is Jrocks other gift to talent Japanese female singers that raise more than just the roof. Akia is hot, bold and boasts a pair of legs that would make Hollywood stand at attention. Look for this Japanese female singer to continue her rise.
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