10 Best Japanese Luxury Cars

If luxury cars excite you and give you a feeling of royalty, get ready to be tempted by the 10 best Japanese luxury cars. When you look at a luxury car, it is not very difficult to discern which company manufactured it. Japan and cars go hand in hand! Japanese cars are known worldwide for their elegance, performance and luxury.

  1. Lexus LS The Lexus LS series has been producing luxurious model cars since 1989, which makes it at the top of the chart of best Japanese luxury cars. Every year the new model is revamped with latest technology in terms of outlook, interior and performance.
  2. Infiniti MS35 The Infiniti MS is a darling in the best Japanese luxury cars. This car makes driving fancy for you with advanced safety technology, active noise control, audible warnings and automatic guidance. It has a seven-speed transmission and different controls that aid in efficient driving in different conditions.
  3. Lexus GS This car is exhilarating with its lightening speed acceleration from zero to 60 in a mere 54 seconds. It is a must in your list of ten best Japanese luxury cars because it's powerful, efficient and will make you feel special.
  4. Acura RL Acura RL makes the top ten best Japanese luxury cars chart because of its boldness and six-speed automatic transmission. It is a safe and fancy car that you will get pleasure from driving.
  5. Acura TSX Honda is Japan’s sweetheart and its new entry-level luxury Acura TSX is a definite addition to the ten best Japanese luxury cars. This stylish car is sure to make heads turn and people green with envy with its redesigned elegant interior and environment friendly high performance.
  6. Toyota Camry Hybrid Your list of ten best Japanese luxury cars would be incomplete without the new model of the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2010. This car gives you all the benefits of a luxury car at an economical price. Take the executive in you and zoom the road in the finest of all cars.
  7. Lexus IS This car will refresh your list of the ten best Japanese luxury cars with its alluring interior and exterior and efficient engine.
  8. Lexus ES With changed bumper and beam lights, this exotic car is sure to beam into your list of ten best Japanese luxury cars. This stunner is the first in the Lexus series to have a gasoline four-cylinder that gives out low emissions.
  9. Infinity Q45 It’s a full-size luxury car sold from 1990 to 2006 and is amongst the best Japanese luxury cars. It is a rear wheel four-door sedan powered with a V8 engine. This car is usually purchased by the elite in Japan.
  10. Acura TL This car makes it to the list of ten best Japanese luxury cars with its beautiful electronic multifunction display and comfortable interior. It is a four-door luxury performance sedan posing a powerful and efficient V6 engine.
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