10 Best Japanese Male Singers

Whether you're a fan of J-rock, J-pop or Visual-Kei, you're sure to want to check out this list of the 10 best Japanese male singers. Do you follow bands like Malice Mizer, Buck-Tick or are you one of the millions that's mesmerized by the Japanese artist Gackt? If you appreciate great music and beautiful voices, you should definitely give these artists a listen. These are some of the best Japanese male singers of all time.

  1. Gackt: If you're a fan of J-rock, chances are you're already familiar with this Japanese male singer. Originally the frontman of famous visual-kei band, Malice Mizer, he went on to pursue a very successful solo career. Gackt's 1999 EP "Mizerable" launched him into stardom and he has never looked back.
  2. Miyavi: Without a doubt, Miyavi (or Myv) is one of the best Japanese male singers for those who enjoy something a little off the beaten path. With vocal stylings best described as pure, raw and energizing, Myv is also known for his amazing skills on the guitar. For a real eye-opener, check out his video for "Selfish Love." You cannot listen to this amazing Japanese singer and not want to rock out with him.
  3. Kiyoharu: One of the best Japanese male singers and patriarchs of the J-rock movement, Kiyoharu is best known as the frontman for two popular J-rock bands, Kuroyume and SADS. Not only does he have a very unique and captivating voice, but he also has a very 'contented cat' look about him, which always seems to bring the fan girls running.
  4. Atsushi Sakurai: Atsushi Sakurai made his debut as the lead singer of popular Japanese rock band Buck-Tick, one of the founding bands of the visual-kei movement. Known for his deep and sensual voice, Atsushi Sakurai is one of the best Japanese male singers to listen to if you enjoy dark and theatrical performances.
  5. Hyde: Lead singer for J-rock bands L'Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS, Hyde eventually moved on to produce several solo albums and start his own recording label, Vamprose. Combining a beautiful voice with striking good looks and rocking tunes, Hyde is one of the best Japanese male singers for those who enjoy bouncy, high-energy J-rock. Give a listen to the hit "Glamorous Sky" to see what all the fuss is about.
  6. Daigo Stardust: If you enjoy more of a J-pop sound, you might agree that Daigo Stardust is one of the best Japanese male singers around. Known for performing in everything from faux fur coats to sequined cowboy outfits, Daigo is fun, flashy and never fails to keep fans entertained. Give a listen to "Maria" for a good upbeat tune. You'll be hooked in no time.
  7. hide: One of the best Japanese male singers of all time, Hideto Matsumoto (better known as "hide") was an amazing talent who was way ahead of his time. The lead singer for X-Japan, hide was high energy and had a rarely-seen intensity. One of his best known songs, "Pink Spider," often leaves people speculating about its meaning and possible tie-in to the singer's death.
  8. Masamune Kusano: For those who enjoy the softer sounds of J-pop, Masamune Kusano may fit the bill as one of the best Japanese male singers. The lead singer of Spitz, he has a very soft and soothing voice that's very pleasant to listen to when you want to relax. "Kaede" and "Cherry" are two great examples that showcase his voice.
  9. Shunichi Miyamoto: An accomplished pianist with a very beautiful voice, Shunichi Miyamoto contributed music to the anime "D.N. Angel." Additionally, he has provided some voice acting for the same anime and is known to perform at various classical, jazz and other music events throughout Japan. Many of his songs from D.N. Angel are available on his mini-album "Anges."
  10. Klaha: Masaki Haruna, better known by his recording name Klaha, is one of the former lead singers of popular J-rock and visual-kei band Malice Mizer. Known for his dark and moody style, his darkwave roots coaxed the band to shift their image to something less J-pop and more dark and vampiric-looking. Klaha is definitely a must-hear if you're looking for one of the best Japanese male singers with a gothic sound.
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