10 Best Japanese Restaurants: Baltimore

Try these 10 best Japanese restaurants in Baltimore next time you travel to Maryland. Baltimore’s an independent city with a tumultuous history. There are many different types of people living in over 300 districts. With so much diversity and culture, Baltimore is one of the most interesting cities in Maryland. You’ll find that the food reflects this. Take a sightseeing tour and enjoy all that Baltimore has to offer. Start with a delicious meal at one of these fantastic Japanese restaurants.

  1. Minato Sushi Bar. This Japanese restaurant provides a terrific sushi bar. Fresh fish and other ingredients make up the menu. There are dishes made with caviar and other unique flavors. Teriyaki, bento boxes and noodles help complete the menu. You’ll find the food is prepared in a delicate and appealing way. Don’t hesitate in trying something different when you visit. Minato Sushi Bar: 1013 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201; (410) 332-0332.
  2. Geisha Sushi Bar. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy sashimi, sushi, udon noodles and flavorful Japanese cuisine, visit Geisha. They provide a comfortable atmosphere for dining and the chef is wonderful to everyone. The place gets packed, so prepare for your service to be a little slow. Other than that, there aren’t any complaints about the food. Geisha Sushi Bar: 201 N. Charles St., #B-1, Baltimore, MD 21201; (410) 698-6088.
  3. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant. Matsuri is a moderately-priced Japanese restaurant that features a menu with traditional Japanese food. The lunch specials are pretty reasonable and fill you up. Coming for dinner? Try one of the main dishes. They’re just as good. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant: 1105 S. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21230; (410) 752-8561.
  4. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. This place serves a mean Japanese steak dish. The chef takes a piece of meat and turns it into a mouthwatering masterpiece. Teppanyaki, appetizers, sushi and a full bar keep you coming back. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse: 8165 Honeygo Blvd., Suite F, Baltimore, MD 21236; (410) 931-8900.
  5. RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant. RA is a popular place, especially on the weekends. They offer happy hour daily. Prices are not too bad and the food is good as well. RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant: 1390 Lancaster St., Baltimore, MD 21231; (410) 522-3200.
  6. American Asian Restaurant. American Asian serves a variety of Asian dishes, including Japanese and Thai food. Fried rice and teriyaki chicken are some of the menu items. They even have curry dishes for the brave. American Asian Restaurant: 1309 Francis Ave., Baltimore, MD 21227; (410) 737-8128.
  7. Edo Sushi. Edo has an extensive menu of sushi, noodles, grilled meats, seafood and desserts. You’ll need time to go over the choices before deciding on your order. They serve sake and wine as well. Edo Sushi: 201 E. Pratt St., Suite 2075, Baltimore, MD 21202; (410) 843-9804.
  8. Nichiban Japanese Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Federal Hill, a historic neighborhood in Baltimore. The restaurant features all kinds of good dishes, including chicken teriyaki and teppanyaki. Prices are surprisingly low and affordable. They even serve sushi and entrée combination dishes. Nichiban Japanese Restaurant: 1035 S. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21230; (410) 837-0818.
  9. Midori. Midori serves both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant isn’t too fancy or decked out in distracting décor. It’s simple and comfortable. They claim all their dishes are cooked healthy and with the freshest ingredients. Check them out and see for yourself. Midori: 7407 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236; (410) 882-8750.
  10. Kiku. Kiku has several types of menus. The sushi menu is extensive, with choices in sashimi, sushi and rolls. The entrée menu includes fish, chicken, fried rice and teriyaki dishes. The lunch specials and lunch boxes may interest you. They’re one of the most reasonably priced Japanese restaurants in Baltimore. Kiku: 1017 Light St., Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland 21230; (410) 468-4468.
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