10 Best Japanese Restaurants: Los Angeles

Whether you're looking for the traditional sushi restaurant or want to be at the hippest trend taking off, these are the ten best Japanese restaurants Los Angeles has to offer. L.A. is renowned for its Japanese restaurants, both for their quality and their varying and eclectic nature. Add a little saké or a large bottle of Kirin, take your shoes off and settle in for an enjoyable evening.

  1. Jinpachi Jinpachi is an exquisite blend of high quality sushi and the great care that comes with the Japanese presentation. Your best bet at the sushi bar is to let owner/sushi chef Taka decide how to best appease your pallet. Definitely save room for a phenomenal dessert to complete the night.
  2.  Daikokuya Ramen might be the next trend coming out of Japan. Large bowls of steaming hot noodles in flavorful soups are daily fare throughout Japan, particularly late at night. Daikokuya follows the same tradition, staying open late and offering mammoth bowls of noodles at a good price, making it one of the best in Town.
  3. Kabuki Kabuki can be found all throughout Southern California, and comes off as a bit chainy. However, they offer an amazing happy hour menu to fill up on and creative fusion cuisines. Kabuki offers a large selection of sushi and specialty rolls, making sharing and adventuring out easy to do. If you want a friendly, non-intimidating environment, then Kabuki's the best in Los Angeles
  4. Mishima Restaurant Just minutes from the Beverly Center, Mishima is the epitome of fresh, healthy and tasty. The restaurant stemmed from Mishima Foods, Japan's major seasoning and frozen food producer. However, the taste of Mishima is nothing but fresh. The menu is thorough and inexpensive.
  5. Benihana Benihana is the best restaurant for Japanese style teppan-yaki. Dining out at Benihana is as much a night of entertainment as it is a tasty meal. Their talented chefs will delight you with their deft hands and constant smiles. Whether you're taking out the entire family or a first date, Benihana is a great place to eat and will leave a lasting impression.
  6. Geisha House Sensual. Erotic. Provocative. Geisha House reflects a side of Japan that most people don't consider when looking for a good night out for sushi. However, Japan has long embraced the marriage of food and sexuality. Geisha House is the culmination of this philosophy in one incredible place. The food, sights and sounds are all Japanese, a Japan you'll appreciate more after your visit. Let your stomach, eyes and ears gorge in this one of a kind restaurant.
  7. Taste of Tokyo Nestled in Little Tokyo, T.OT. is the best restaurant for an affordable place to pop in and fill up. With daily lunch and dinner specials. T.O.T. offers extremely fresh raw fish, served over large portions of rice or salad. Reasonably priced, the T.O.T. is a great place to fill up and continue enjoying Little Tokyo and the surrounding area.
  8. Nobu Nobu Matsuhisa opened his Los Angeles location in the spring of 2008, the newest of the famous chef's restaurants. Nobu offers three amazing rooms to enjoy his creations. While there, take the opportunity to try one of the signature sakés or pick up a cookbook and try your hand at the chef's own creations.
  9. Hondaya Located on the third floor of Tokyo Plaza, Hondaya is Los Angeles' best izakaya-Japan's traditional style pub serving an amazing array of grilled finger foods. Hondaya is always busy with Japanese businessmen elbow to elbow with the young and on the move. With tables, a tatami room and a bar in front of the grill chefs, you choose your ideal seat. If you're looking to taste Japan without the expensive airplane ticket, Hondaya is the place to go.
  10. Katsuya If your goal is to dine with the who's who of Hollywood, Katsuya is the ultimate destination. With new locations in L.A. Live and Hollywood, Katsuya is the hot spot for sushi and celebrities. Katsuya represents famed nightlife mogul Sam Nazarian, CEO of SBE. With a full bar and signature dishes by master chef Katsuya Uechi, a night out to Katsuya is definitely one to remember and the best restaurant Los Angeles has to offer.
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