10 Best Japanese Restaurants: NYC

The top 10 best Japanese restaurants in New York City are all places to try if you love great Japanese food. If you're looking for great food and in the mood for Japanese, try one of these restaurants.

  1. MEGU Modern Japanese Cuisine. This upscale top ten Japanese restaurant is worth every penny. Their food is incredible and they offer great service. They are located: 62 Thomas St. 10013 or call: (212)964-7777.
  2. Morimoto. This restaurant offers a fun atmosphere and wonderful Japanese cuisine. Guest enjoy their Hamachi Tartare dish. They have an extraordinary open kitchen and a twenty-four seat sushi bar. They can be found at: 88 10th Ave. 10011 or call: (212)989-8883.
  3. Sushi Yasuda Ltd. If you're looking for amazing sushi, this is your place. Chefs can be viewed from almost any location in this restaurants and they are very creative and fun to watch. They are located at: 204 East 43rd St. 10017 or call: (212)972-1001.
  4. Masa & Bar Masa. This elegant upscale Japanese sushi restaurants is considered one of the most expensive in the world. They serve very authentic, delicious meals in the perfect setting. They can be found at: 10 Columbus Cir. 10019 or call: (212)823-9800.
  5. Zutto Japanese Restaurant. This top ten Japanese restaurant serves the most delicious food in the area. They serve the freshest fish and if you like desserts, try their Green Tea Icecream. They are located at: 77 Hudson St. 10013 or call: (212)233-3287. 
  6. Nobu Restaurant. This trendy establishment has been opened since 2005 and they serve excellent Japanese food. They offer creative innovative dishes and this restaurant is part owned by the famous Robert De Niro. They can be found at: 40 W. 57th St. 10019 or call: (212)757-3000.
  7. En Japanese Brasserie. This top Japanese restaurant serves beautiful, innovative food with great service. This restaurant serves traditional Japanese dining in an authentic Japanese setting. They serve fresh Tofu that is made six times each evening. They are located at: 435 Hudson St. 10014 or call: (212)647-9196.
  8. The Kitano New York. Located inside one of New York City's most beautiful hotels, this restaurant serves exquisite Japanese food with unbelievable tastes. They can be found at: 66 Park Ave. 10016 or call: (212)885-7111.
  9. Japonais. They serve contemporary Japanese food with great service. They serve signature sushi and offer locations in Chicago and Las Vegas. They can be found at: 111 E. 18th St. 10003 or call: (212)260-2020.
  10. Nippon. This restaurant serves authentic wonderful Japanese food. They are said to be the first sushi bar in the United States, opening their establishment in 1963. They serve amazing soba, tofu, and wasabi.  They are located at: 155 E. 52nd St. 10022 or call: (212)758-0226. 
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