10 Best Japanese Restaurants: Oakland

Want to learn about the 10 best Japanese restaurants in Oakland? Asian food is all the rage in Northern California, and Oakland is filled with numerous Japanese Restaurants of all price ranges to satisfy any appetite.  Here is a list of the 10 best Japanese Restaurants in the major metropolitan area of Oakland, California.

  1. Mijori Japanese Restaurant: The Mijori Japanese Restaurant is hailed for its excellent service and fresh sushi. Mijori Japanese Restaurant, 3260 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, (510) 465-8854.
  2. Geta Japanese Restaurant: The affordable Geta Japanese Restaurant offers a full-service sushi bar with and wide menu variety. Geta Japanese Restaurant, 165 41st St., Oakland, CA 94611, (510) 653-4643.
  3. Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant: The Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant is acclaimed for its friendly staff and atmosphere and in-view sushi chef. Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant, 3920 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611, (510) 658-3119.
  4. Ta-Ke Sushi Japanese: Located in the Adams Point neighborhood, the Ta-Ke Sushi Japanese is known for its highly-rated atmosphere and overall value. Ta-Ke Sushi Japanese, 357 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, (510) 452-2443.
  5. Ginza Japanese Restaurant: Fresh sushi and a highly acclaimed Mexican roll make the Ginza Japanese Restaurant one of the hottest in the Ironworks District neighborhood. Ginza Japanese Restaurant, 303 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 451-2224.
  6. Ozumo Japanese Restaurant: The Ozumo Japanese Restaurant is hailed for its sake bar and overall heart-healthy fares. Ozumo Japanese Restaurant, 2551 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612.
  7. Ichiban Japanese Restaurant: The Ichiban Restaurant serves a variety of specialties, including hamachi and Inari. Carry out is available. Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, 528 Lake Park Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, (510) 268-8688.
  8. Rikyu Japanese Restaurant: The surprisingly affordable Rikyu Japanese Restaurant is conveniently located in the Rockridge neighborhood. Rikyu Japanese Restaurant, 5335 College Ave. Ste 2, Oakland, CA 94618, (510) 595-7388.
  9. Kai’s Japanese Restaurant: Kai’s Japanese Restaurant offers a balance of good quality food, hearty portion sizes and overall value. Kai’s Japanese Restaurant, 801 Washington St., Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 893-5247.
  10. Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Japanese: The upscale Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Japanese restaurant offers an all-inclusive night out with top-quality Jazz music on a live stage and a full menu. Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Japanese, 510 Embarcadero W., Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 238-9200.



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