10 Best Japanese Swimsuit Models

When selecting the 10 best Japanese swimsuit models, it can be helpful to understand that there is a difference between typical Western "swimsuit models" and what the Japanese call "gravure idols."  The gravure idols are typically young Japanese models, usually under 30, who model swimsuits as well as a variety of clothing styles for men's magazines and often make idol DVDs now, but in the past an idol photo book was quite common.  Many gravure idols use this line of work to help them break into other fields in entertainment such as singing and acting.

10 Best Japanese Models:

  1. Agnes Lum is one of the most famous idols. Born in Hawaii in 1956, Agnes became a bikini supermodel in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s as well as a singer and actress. Posters, magazines, and other Agnes Lum collectables are often sought by collectors who offer hefty prices for them.
  2. Aki Hoshino is one of the oldest gravure idols, born in 1977.  She has been on posters, in magazines, DVDs, and even idol trading cards in Japan, and published a book in 2010 offering makeup and body-figure maintenance advice to women.
  3. Reon Kadena is a 24-year-old model and actress who used some nude photo shoots to gain more widespread attention, then discontinued the nude photos to pursue more socially acceptable work.  At just under 5'6" tall, Reon is quite tall for the average Japanese woman, and her work can sometimes be found under alias Leon Kadena or Kusano Minamo.
  4. Erina Yamaguchi is quite ell-known for her unnaturally large bust compared to the average Japanese woman.  At 44" and a reported J-Cup, Erina began her modeling by posing for Weekly Playboy Magazine in Japan, and as since released one photo book and two DVDs.  She has done some work in adult magazines, but posed non-nude.
  5. Saaya Irie is among the younger models, at sixteen years old she is a junior idol.  After some initial bikini photo shoots made it to the Internet and gained worldwide distribution, Saaya's manager said they would not do more bikini photo shoots, but she has done several since.  She has also done some acting and voiceover work, as well as singing.
  6. Yuka Kosada is a very popular and successful gravure idol with over twenty DVDs or videos released.  Yuka has a slightly more curvy figure compared to the average Japanese and so she is often appealing for foreign fans as well.  She has also recently tried to break into a music career.
  7. Leah Dizon is another American-born idol in Japan, who has done some very popular swimsuit and model spreads.  Initially seeking a singing career, the American-Filipino-Chinese talent gained a large fan following which helped launch her singing career.  She is now married with a child, so her modeling may diminish, but what she has done is available including her photo books.
  8. Asaka Kubo also got her start as a gravure idol but has since become a successful singer.  Initially posing in school uniforms and undergarments, she also went on to do a semi-nude photo book and DVD.
  9. China Fukunaga is a popular gravure idol for her semi-nude photo spreads as well as her above average bust size.  As with many others, her photo books, DVDs, and other items are available.
  10. Fuko is one of those idols that also has done work in the AV (adult video) industry in Japan.  With an abnormally large bust of 47 inches, Fuko has garnered a significant following and released many DVDs, some AV, and many of the titles include her name such as "The Huge Bust Fuko."
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