10 Best Jay Z Quotes From Songs

Jay-Z is the most successful hip-hop artist and mogul today, and these 10 best Jay-Z quotes from songs are just samples of why he is so successful. These quotes are inspirational, motivating and insightful, and they show intellect and exude confidence.

  1. Sorry mama, I promised it wouldn't change me but I would have went insane had I remained the same me.” – Taken from the Drake track “Lights Up,” Jay talks about how he changed his style from rapping about the streets to rapping about business. It's only fitting since he is so far removed from the streets now and hip-hop is talking about what you know.
  2. “I'm not a businessman, I'm a business… man.”– Taken from the Kanye West song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” remix. As a businessman, Jay is part owner of the New Jersey Jets, and owner of The 40:40 club, Roc Nation and Rocawear just to name a few. As a businessman, he is Jay-Z the brand, and the Jay-Z brand is worth a lot more than all his businesses, what better way to put it.
  3. “I will not lose, for even in defeat, there's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me” – From the "Blueprint 2.” You don’t become successful without learning lessons and Jay has done just that. He has proven he can do the impossible.
  4. “I'm far from God, but I work god damn hard.”– Off the “Breathe Easy” song. Jay did not become successful through luck; he worked hard from day one, when no label would sign him he started his own label. Hard work pays off!
  5. “I’m like really half a billie n-gga, really you got baby money, Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas ain’t got my lady money.” – This quote was taken from his most recent single alongside Kanye West,“H.A.M.” We all know Beyonce makes more money than Jay-Z so to use her instead of him shows the confidence he has in his wife making more money and calls out the fakers who talk about how much money they have when they really can’t match the royal couple in the music industry.
  6. "Lord forgive me, I never would've made it without sin."– Featured on the "Free Mason" from the Rick Ross album "Teflon Don." The entertainment industry is one of the most sinful industries out there with sex, drugs and alcohol. Jay acknowledges his sins on his rise to the top and we can’t fault him for that.
  7. World can’t hold me, too much ambition.” – This quote was taken from the track “On to the Next One” of the “Blueprint III” album. Jay is a very ambitious man, starting in the 90’s rapping on the streets to owning multiple businesses and breaking barriers that many in the hip-hop world cannot achieve.
  8. LOVE I dont get enough of it, All I get is these vampires and blood suckers.” – Off the “Monster” on Kanye West’s album “My Twisted Dark Fantasy” featuring Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. It's a fitting quote to describe the leeches one gets when one becomes famous or rich.
  9. “Hovs a livin legend and I tell u why, everybody wanna be Hov and Hov still alive.”– Taken from the track “Never Let You Down” on Kanye West’s album “College Dropout.” Many have tried to copy Jay’s style rapping and following in his footsteps even during his prime, which is what makes him a true living legend.
  10. I was born a God, I made myself a king which means I downgraded to a human being.” – Taken off Ushers “Versus” album, of the Usher song “Hot Tottie.” Jay is known for his great wordplay and witty metaphors and this one is definitely one of the best. What better way to describe yourself and how great you are than to compare yourself to God. And in true religious fashion, we are made in God’s image, so Jay is telling it like it is. 
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