10 Best Jennifer Lopez Movies

Many fans can easily recognize the 10 best Jennifer Lopez movies. Jennifer Lopez is one of the rare performing artists who found success in movies, music and television. She has had a long and varied career. She is a movie star in her own right, and here are some of the movies that established her as an actress and star.

  1. "El Cantante" There were lots of rumors that "El Cantante" would win Jennifer Lopez an Oscar. It's a great film that's based on the true story and biography of Puerto Rican salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe. Jennifer's real-life husband Marc Anthony portrayed Hector. It was a labor of love for the couple, and it contains some of Jennifer's best acting work. It's definitely a film that all of her fans should see.
  2. "Selena" "Selena" is the movie that put Jennifer Lopez in the position of being a movie star. She starred as Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the 1997 true story of the beloved singer who was murdered by the one-time president of her fan club.
  3. "Second Chances" "Second Chances" was the full-length film that was supposed to be a pilot for a series. It starred Jennifer Lopez as Melinda Lopez, a young girl rebelling against her traditional father and planning her wedding. It was one of Jennifer's early roles, and her talent is apparent. She shines in this made-for-television movie.
  4. "Jack" Jennifer Lopez acted with Robin Williams in "Jack." She played the memorable character of Miss Marquez. Although she wasn't the star of the movie, she had a very memorable role. The movie itself is sentimental and funny, with Robin WIlliams as a child in the body of a man.
  5. "Bordertown" "Bordertown" was a dramatic turn for Jennifer Lopez. She plays an investigator in this somber movie. It will leave you on edge, as the investigator she plays attempts to solve the murders that occurred in American-owned factories near two border towns.
  6. "Monster-in-Law" "Monster-in-Law" is a hilarious comedy starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. Jane Fonda is the future mother-in-law from hell, and Jennifer's character must cope, keep her sanity and marry her Mr. Right. It's no small challenge.
  7. "Enough" Jennifer Lopez is truly unforgettable as Slim Hiller in 2002's "Enough." She plays a young woman who is seduced into a relationship with a wealthier, high-powered man. She married him, has a child and then discovers his dark side. As a victim of domestic violence, she takes matters into her own hands.
  8. "An Unfinished Life" "An Unfinished Life" gave Jennifer a type of role that she hadn't yet played. Her character is Jean Gilkyson, a woman who places the needs of her child above her estrangement from her father-in-law. The relationships between the characters is what drives this poignant story.
  9. "The Wedding Planner" "The Wedding Planner" showed the world that Jennifer Lopez has incredible comedic timing. This 2001 romantic comedy doesn't quite follow the typical romantic comedy formula, and it succeeds in telling a great story of love and what we sometimes mistake for love.
  10. "Anaconda" "Anaconda" was made in 1997, and it's one of the films made before Jennifer Lopez exploded as a huge star. Her role is memorable, and her talent stands out in this snake-themed film.
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