10 Best Jessica Alba Moments

Jessica Alba has had many moments in the media. Many of them were simply amazing, but there are ten Jessica Alba moments that stand out above the rest. Below is a list of the ten best Jessica Alba moments.

  1. "Good Luck Chuck" – Face it guys. The whole reason you watched that movie is so you can see Jessica Alba in her underwear. Did that moment live up to its hype? Well obviously if it is one of Jessica Alba's ten best moments.
  2. The entire "Fantastic Four" movie- Once again the only reason we watched this movie is for Alba. Jessica Alba spends the entire movie in a tight spandex suit. That easily makes it one of her ten best moments.
  3. Maxim Top 100 – When Alba gained the number one spot on Maxims Hot 100 everyone noticed. This is way back in 2001 but it is not like she doesn't have that pow anymore. Her being honored as the hottest female on Earth easily makes it one of her ten best moments
  4. "Honey" – Yet another movie she is in. Alba spends the entire movie dancing and shaking her stuff. This movie may not have been a blockbuster, but everyone who saw it left happy. Jessica Alba dancing is definitely one of her ten best moments.
  5. "Sin City" – Don't act like you didn't know this was going to be on here. It is Jessica Alba stripping, how can it not be one of Jessica Alba's ten best moments?
  6. Alba In Playboy – Although she is too respectable to pose nude for Hef, she still allowed the magazine to use a picture of her fully clothed in a bikini to grace the front cover. Although she was not nude, it was by far men's favorite picture to look at in the magazine.
  7. Jessica Alba has a kid – Why was this one of her best moments? well for her it is by far her best moment, but why should us men care? Now our children will have one of Alba's offspring to stare at as we did Alba herself.
  8. Alba poses with kid- This picture hit the Internet of Alba and her kid playing dress up. Once again why should we care? Alba looked happier than ever, and if Alba is happy, so are we.
  9. Alba poses for calendar – After Alba has a kid, the 27 year old actress poses to prove shes still smoking, and trust us, she is, making it one of Jessica Alba's ten best moments.
  10. Jessica Alba announces upcoming films – Jessica Alba announces, even though she has a kid, she will still act. This gives men everywhere something to look forward to. Something so subtle, yet its one of her ten best moments.

So there you have it. Jessica Alba's ten best moments. she has had so many amazing moments it was hard to narrow down, but we did it!

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