10 Best Jewish Athletes

These are the 10 best Jewish athletes. Although Jewish people have not made a huge impact in the sports scene, these 10 have broke through and might just be some of the best athletes in sports altogether.

  1. Kevin Youkilis – Kevin Youkilis is the latest Boston Red Sox player to reach stardom. Youkilis combines power with contact and is currently one of the 10 best third base/first base players in baseball?
  2. Mark Spitz – Before there was Michael Phelps, there was Mark Spitz. Spitz is the former record holder of most gold medals at a single Summer Olympics. He is one of the most decorated Jewish athletes ever.
  3. Sandy Koufax – Sandy Koufax is not just one of the best Jewish pitchers, but he's one of the best pitchers of all time. Sandy Koufax's solid play landed him a spot in the Hall Of Fame.
  4. Hank Greenberg – Hank Greenberg, like Koufax, is a Jewish baseball player who was elected to the Hall Of Fame. What is the difference between these two? Well Sandy was following Hank's foot steps. Hank Greenberg was the first Jewish super star in baseball and the first Jewish athlete elected into baseball's Hall Of Fame.
  5. Dara Torres – The first Jewish female athlete on this list, Dana had made more than just a good reputation for herself. she has made a great one. Dana has won 9 medals at four different Olympics as a swimmer.
  6. Mike Leiberthal – Mike Leiberthal is considered one of the best offensive catchers in baseball through the last decade. Although he spent his prime wasting away on a Phillies roster with zero chance to win it all, he will always be remembered as one of the best Jewish athletes ever.
  7. Ken Holtzman – Ken Holtzman is a Jewish pitcher in baseball who has accomplished what only a few baseball pitchers ever accomplish. He has thrown two no hitters in his career.
  8. Steve Stone – Steve Stone is a Jewish pitcher in baseball who won one of baseball's most prestigious awards. Stone won the 1980 Cy Young award, which celebrates baseball's best pitcher in a single season.
  9. Benny Bass – Benny Bass is a Jewish boxer who at one time held the sport's greatest title. Bass won the World Heavyweight Title and later on in his career was elected into boxing's Hall Of Fame
  10. Ian Kinsler – Ian Kinsler is highly regarded as the second best second baseman in baseball behind Chase Utley. In 2008 Kinsler was on the way to a historic season before he got wiped out with a season-ending injury, but he recovered perfectly and is back on the baseball diamond terrorizing pitchers.
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