10 Best Jewish Pickup Lines

Don't even think about approaching that hot Jewish girl without reading these 10 Best Jewish Pickup Lines. The Jewish girl is like a precious jewel and the first worlds out of your mouth better make her melt. The scene: It's Friday night; after a long hard week, you're finally sipping on an ice-cold beer and hanging with your buds at your favorite bar. You're checking out the chicks when you see her; that hot Jewish girl that you have been meaning to ask out. You take a deep breath, chug the rest of your beer to muster up some additional courage and go in for the kill. A million lines are flying through your head at this moment: "I like your outfit, but it would look better on my floor." No. "I didn't know I would find my future ex-wife tonight." Fail. "Are you from Tennessee? 'Cause you're a ten-I-see." No! Any pickup lines like this for a Jewish girl, will leave burned and the butt of jokes for your buddies. How do you pickup a Jewish girl you ask? Well, you're in luck; you're about to discover the 10 Best Jewish Pickup Lines.


  1. "Hi, my name is _______, I'm Jewish." Who doesn't love sharing the same holidays and traditions with the person they are dating? (In addition to knowing what it's like to choke down gefilte fish.) 
  2. "Hi, my name is _______, I'm a Doctor." What girl wouldn't be impressed with a Dr. Hotstuff on her arm?
  3. "Hi, my name is _______, I'm a Lawyer." Jewish girls are sharp and quick-witted. Lawyers stand a chance at keeping up with her!
  4. "So, what temple do you go to?" This is a great conversation starter.
  5. " Have you seen the Broadway Show Rent? I have to go see it for my Mom's birthday and want to know what I am in for." The dancing, the singing, the drama; we can bet she's seen at least one Broadway Show. And the whole part about your mother, deal closer!
  6. "What sleep-away camp did you go to when you were a kid?" A pickup line as innocent as this will have her eating out of the palm of your hand.
  7. "Can I buy you and your girl friends a round of drinks?" Not only is it chivalrous to offer to buy her a drink, but to offer her friends too brings on bonus points. The second thing after impressing a girl, is impressing her friends. Always remember that.
  8. "See my friend over there, well he thinks your friend is beautiful, but is too shy to go talk to her." Chicks love hooking their friends up. Not only does this  get you in a conversation with her, but it's almost like you two are now on the same team. Also, notice how we said beautiful, not hot. Describing her as beautiful is much more appealing to a woman. Your poor friend, well, he'll have to suck it up and play wing man for the night.
  9. "You look familiar. Were you at the Himmelman Bat Mitzvah last weekend? Ok, chances are she wasn't, but who cares, it gets your foot in the door.
  10. "I'm new in town, where I can get the best bagel and lox around here?" She will know the answer to this question. After she responds, that's when you follow up with, "I'd love to take you there," or "Maybe we can meet for coffee." He shoots, he scores!
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