10 Best Jobs In California

Look no further for the 10 best jobs in California. It's natural to wonder what kind of work will be available if you ever chose to work in California. We have pulled together a list of jobs and job markets that are growing, rewarding and/or pays well.

  1. Health care is one of the fastest growing job markets. The way Americans are looking at health care and the health care industry is changing and the industry is expanding to compensate the rising demands of health care. There is an increasing demand for nurses and home health aides.
  2. The IT field always has a demanding and expanding job market. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money to ensure their technology departments are up to California standards. They need IT professionals who are willing to learn and grow along with the fast changing IT world.
  3. The entertainment industry is one of the best Industries to work for in California. If you can break into the entertainment industry, there are endless possibilities for a wide variety of jobs.
  4. The personal services field is a field is in high demand. People who work in the personal services field are catering to other’s needs. They could be personal masseuses, yoga instructors, personal trainers or life skill instructors.
  5. Veterinarians are always in high demand. This is one of the best jobs because you can work with animals. Veterinarians are well paid and can work in a variety of settings from animal hospitals to private practices and sometimes zoos.
  6. Good dental hygienists are always a rare commodity. That's why dental hygienists is one of the best jobs in California. They are well paid and their jobs are secure. People always need someone to look after their teeth.
  7. Schools are in great need of good special education teachers. This job ensures that someone can help care for children who need extra attention. School districts are often overwhelmed with the need for more teachers.
  8. Interpreters and translators are well compensated when they help others communicate. California is always looking for people who are bilingual. This helps merge cultures and ensures that communication does not get confused in the shuffle.
  9. Medical assistants are in high demand and the field is growing at a fast rate. California companies are willing to pay for top-notch medical assistants to help with the growing demands placed on existing practices.
  10. Last but not least, there is a high demand for people in the construction industry. This fast growing industry always needs a variety of construction workers and people who are able to work long hours. The work is demanding, but the pay is worth it.




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