10 Best Jobs For College Students

Going to college can be a worthwhile but expensive undertaking, so most people hunt for the best jobs for college students. If you're about to attend college, you may be planning on finding a job to help you make ends meet as you hit the books. Fortunately, there are various gigs that are the best jobs for college students.

  1. Data entry jobs are some of the best jobs for college students. Companies hire college students to work as data entry operators, often offering flexible work schedules. As long as you have the ability to type quickly, you can often find a job in this field. Even better, you can usually work part time, working first, second, or third shift.
  2. Freelance writing for the web is another gig that can be considered one of the best jobs for college students. Many web content companies are currently seeking people who can write about various subjects. Whether you're an expert on golf, cooking, sports, or any other topic you can imagine, a web company will pay you to write. All you need is the ability to write grammatically correct sentences in a logical, cohesive manner.
  3. Working in a library is another one of the best jobs for college students. Why? Many college and public libraries hire students to shelve books, work at the check-out desk, or sign patrons up to use the computers. During downtime, you can spend your time cramming for that midterm exam or working on a research paper.
  4. Serving food at the local restaurant or diner is another great way to work at one of the best jobs for college students. If you work as a waiter or waitress, you can score some great tips from grateful customers who want to reward you for excellent service. This is in addition to an hourly salary provided by the restaurant.
  5. A retail job can also be considered one of the best jobs for college students. Whether you work in a bookstore, clothing store, supermarket, or any other retail establishment, stores can offer college students flexible schedules and employee merchandise discounts.
  6. Tutoring jobs are perfect for college students who are great at teaching others. Students who can teach a foreign language, math, science, writing, or literature can often work at tutors on campus, helping struggling students improve their grades.
  7. House sitting can also be a great job for students in college. People who go on vacation for extended periods of time often hire people to take care of their houses while they are away. This can be the ideal money-making gig for college students. House sitting involves spending the night at someone else's house, watering the plants, taking care of house pets, and making sure that the house stays locked and safe.
  8. Manning a flea market stall is an excellent option for college kids who want to make some extra money. Selling new or used items at a flea market can help put some cash in the pocket.  Since some flea markets are only open on the weekends, this is a great way for students to make money and still have time to hit the books during the week.
  9. Working as a computer lab assistant on campus is another way for students to earn some cash. Computer lab assistants help other students with printer problems and other issues that arise within a computer lab. Assistants may also help students with basic computer skills as well.
  10. Finding work as a bank teller is another way that students can work part time and still attend school. Many banks hire part-time workers to work as tellers.
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