10 Best Jobs For Economics Graduates

If you're feeling the pains of unemployment, you should consider looking at the 10 best jobs for economics graduates. Economics is the study of how a society distributes its resources to produce goods and services, making it universally applicable to any work environment. The following selection of the best jobs for economics graduates are sure to be equal parts lucrative and fulfilling.

  1. Economics analyst. Being tasked with developing models for specific fields of study, economics analysts are valuable members of consulting companies when it comes time to present research findings or to testify in a court of law. This position requires great computational and exemplary communication abilities, but it's also one of the best jobs for economics graduates due to the opportunities for advancement within the company you're working in and the chance to get paid for furthering your education.
  2. Accountant. Though you will need for get a secondary license, becoming an accountant is an extremely secure and lucrative job for an economics graduate. If you're good with numbers, this is the job for you, as it requires you to keep records of a firm's spending and ensure its smooth and efficient operation.
  3. Professor. If you truly love economics and wish to inundate others with your knowledge of the science, then you may consider becoming an economics professor. Note that you need to have a Ph.D in order to teach at any accredited university, so you're going to need to spend some more time in school to attain this coveted position.
  4. Financial manager. Overseeing financial reports, maintaining investment activities, and forming strategies about the management of cash within a firm are all part of the daily life of a financial manager. Though this is one of the best jobs for economics graduates due to its room for growth, it should be noted that this field is also one of the most competitive on the job market today.
  5. Actuary. Though you need to have a strong mathematics background and need to take a series of tests in order to become certified, assessing risks and constructing policies for businesses as an actuary is one of the most lucrative jobs for economics graduates. This job is also extremely competitive, but if you pass enough of the exams you're pretty much guaranteed an opportunity with the nation's top insurance companies.
  6. Personal financial advisor. The entry-level position at most insurance firms, these men and women assist people in making financial decisions while helping them decide what options they have about protecting their assets. Great communication skills and an ability to learn new concepts quickly are a must for this position.
  7. Budget analyst. Tasked with helping a company allocate its financial assets, this position requires strong analytical and computational skills, as well as the ability to predict market fluctuations. Though one can get this job with an undergraduate education, its commonly known that the best opportunities are given to those who have Master's degrees.
  8. Market and survey researcher. This is one of the most accessible jobs for economics graduates since it requires a great knowledge of economic theory and the ability to interpret data. Since the job entails gathering information from a variety of personal sources, good interpersonal communication skills are a plus for interested parties.
  9. Insurance underwriters. The men and women who decide how much money an individual will receive from an insurance company, underwriters are known to be extremely knowledgeable about their company and insurance laws in general. Further education is required to attain higher ranks within the company, though it should be noted that major companies will pay for their employees to go back to school.
  10. Loan officer. Loan officers help their clients realize their dreams by applying for loans, so they often work for banks and other financial institutions. Though this is an entry-level job, candidates are preferred to have previous banking knowledge or experience.

These examples of the best jobs for economics graduates are some of the most rewarding careers out in the market today. By being thought-provoking, challenging, and exciting all at the same time, these jobs are sure to make the most of your economics education.

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