10 Best Jobs For Fresh Graduates

If you are wondering what to do with your Bachelor's degree, learn about 10 best jobs for fresh graduates. Graduates from the early 2000's on have been faced with tremendous difficulty in the job market. One simple explanation is that bachelor's degrees are becoming less prestigious and more "necessary" like High School diplomas.

  1. Teach English Abroad. Teaching English abroad can be the best job for a fresh graduate. Teaching English abroad is ideal if you aren't quite sure what you want to do with your degree or you want to save money for Graduate School. New English teachers can make anywhere from 2,000 dollars to 2,500 dollars a month in countries like China or South Korea. Countries in Europe tend to pay less than 1,000 dollars per month.
  2. Research Assistant. If you received your undergraduate degree in Psychology or a "natural science" like biology, you are likely qualified to work as a Research Assistant. Research Assistants work in laboratories and help Scientists in various capacities such as data analysis, subject recruitment and statistics. Check with the laboratories on your University campus for openings.
  3. Manager in Training. Many companies offer "Manager in Training" positions for fresh graduates. Companies include high end retailers and various marketing firms. You often don't even need retail experience.
  4. Graduate Assistant. If you are a fresh graduate and you know what you want to do, it might save you time and money to go back to school. Many universities offer full tuition scholarships and a living stipend if you are selected for a Graduate Assistantship. These Assistantships vary from teaching a class to conducting research.
  5. Tutor. If you are skilled in math or a foreign language, you can make decent money tutoring high school students or college students. College students like fresh graduates who have taken the classes they need help in. It is ideal if you can get a professor recommendation.
  6. Food service. If you are a recent grad and you don't want a lot of responsibility, you should look into food service jobs. Working in a restaurant or a coffee shop will enable you to make tips and give you a break from academia. This won't be as appealing in your thirties of forties, so do it now.
  7. Support staff for people with disabilities. There are many independent living homes throughout the nation, which require support staff for their clients. Clients are seniors and/or individuals with disabilities who need some extra help. Even if you don't have training in this field, many organizations will pay for you to go through training.
  8. Portfolio Manager. If you are a recent graduate who majored in business or finance, a Portfolio manager could be a great first job. Financial firms sometimes employ recent graduates with the hope that they will become investors. You will likely have to do "grunt work" at first.
  9. Nanny. If you majored in early childhood education or psychology, a nanny position can be the perfect job for a recent grad. Wealthy families often take nannies on international vacations and pay them for staying overnight. If possible, go through an Au Pair organization.
  10. National Institute of Health. NIH offers various highly paid internships. If you have an interest in medicine and/or science you could apply for The Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award (for example). The IRTA allows you to spend a year at an NIH campus learning about the research process while earning a salary.
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