10 Best Jobs For The Future

The economy will not a problem if you are aware of the 10 best jobs for the future, and you pursue the training and skills required for those positions today. Now is the time to prepare for your future. The healthcare, education and service industries will always need employees. These are positions that will always be indispensible to society, laying a stable foundation for your future.

  1. Nurse. Nurses are in demand and hospitals can not function without them. Nursing is no longer a women’s profession. Male nurses are needed and bring a special touch to male patients in need of understanding and support. The work hours are great, and you can always work overtime for extra income. You could become a registered nurse in two years.
  2. Doctors. People will always get sick and need the services of a good doctor. It is a challenging profession, which requires ongoing training. If you are willing to work long hours for excellent pay. The study and schooling is rigorous and demanding but the rewards far outweigh the stress.
  3. Pharmacists. Someone has to fill those prescriptions that the doctors keep cranking out. You will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, but you can look forward to good pay and job security. People will always get sick and will always need medicine, ensuring that people will always need pharmacists.
  4. Physical Therapist. People are living longer than ever, and often need the services of physical therapist to recover from joint replacement surgeries and bone injuries.
  5. Computer Technologist. The world functions by computer. Computers get viruses, malfunction and need programming. Computer technicians will always have a job. As technology advances, jobs in this field will prove to be an essential job for the future.
  6. Internet Jobs. Working for websites in any capacity may be one of the best jobs anyone can have for the future. The internet is where all commerce is heading and making yourself a valuable asset to a website can ensure a stable future for you.
  7. Home-Based Business Owner. Starting a business has never been easier if you start one online. Sell your product right or provide your service directly from the comfort of your home. All you need it a computer, phone and fax machine and you will be in business.
  8. Teachers. Someone has to raise the nation’s children and provide them with an education. Someone also has to train adults on all the new technology being developed. Every generation will always need to be educated, so educators will always be an essential part of society. Someone has to teach the bright minds of the future, right?
  9. University Professor. A university education will always be required for some professions. Whether online or on campus, students will need always need professors, just as they will always need elementary and high school. Being a university professor requires more study than a high school or elementary school teacher, but at least you won't have to put up with snot-nosed, booger picking children.
  10. Attorney. The services of attorneys are needed for business and private matters. We are a society based on contracts and lawsuits. You can’t go wrong with a good attorney. And you can't go wrong with being an attorney charging $600 an hour.
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