10 Best Jobs For History Graduates

The ten best jobs for History graduates is a topic that every college graduate should consider. Choosing the right job following graduation can pave the rest of the career path. Choosing the right entry level position can also lead to one of those top jobs that History graduates crave. Knowing the options and setting the career goals to reach the best option should be top priority. Sites like the American Historical Association offer publications regarding new fields and job openings related to History graduates.

  1. History Instructor. There is a shortage of great teachers and history instructors are among that shortage. With online schools, private schools, and the expansion of homeschool tutoring the options are endless in this field.

  2. Historians as Researchers. Researchers are needed for academic projects, museums, and preservation societies. Verification of sites and artifacts can be very beneficial to non-profit preservation associations. Another option within the research field is to work in cultural resource management. This particular research field is vital in maintaining local history and preserving the arts that are indigenous to an area.

  3. Historical journalism. Historical journalists have a wide variety of jobs open to them. Many historical journalists write for academic magazines and journals. However, there are some positions with screenplay writers and documentaries for public broadcasting. Some historical journalists even venture into fiction and historical romance novels.

  4. History graduates in Law. The legal arena is a great landing point for history graduates. This particular job does require a law school degree but having history as a backbone is great option. Graduates may also consider taking a minor in paralegal studies before stepping up for law school.

  5. Litigation for History graduates. Legal litigation often uses History majors as expert witnesses and researchers for different cases. As a litigation researcher a History major may be asked to handle everything from basic event time lines to genealogy work. This particular branch of the legal system does not require the History graduate to have any prior legal training.

  6. History graduates and private foundations. Grant agencies and non-profit organizations look for History graduates in administrative support. These positions often times are in the arts or with preservation councils. History graduates can also help in the grant writing and granting processes.

  7. Contract historian. A contract Historian is a sought after position by many graduates because it is so versatile. Being on contract means that the graduate can work with anyone in any aspect. This leads to more job openings and allows the graduate to use their education with non-profit organizations as well as schools and publications.

  8. Business historians. Businesses tend to use History graduates for research, marketing, and development. Many companies have archived directories and a History graduates education is perfect for this type of work. Historical research on development project is also useful to many business and is is something a History graduate is educated in.

  9. History graduates in think tanks. This may seem like something out of a science fiction book but it is a real career. There are several entry level positions that History graduates are eligilbe for in think tank situations. Policy research is one of the top providers of these entry level positions to graduates.

  10. Documentary Editor. Documentaries can be seen on many cable and public television networks. History graduates can play an important role in this documentaries by offering research and input on specific time periods. If the graduate has a specialized time period then this may be the job they are looking for.

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