10 Best Jobs For Introverts

The 10 best jobs for introverts are the ones that do not require frequent contact with people. Introverts are shy, quiet and prefer to keep to themselves. They make excellent employees once you learn how their minds work.

  1. Legal Researcher. The best job for introverts is as a legal researcher. This job does not require much contact with people because research is done on the Internet and in law books.
  2. Computer Repair. Although computer repair technicians have some contact with people, it is very little. Since introverts enjoy working with things rather than people, fixing computers is a perfect option.
  3. Secret Shopper. Another great job for introverts is as a secret shopper. These jobs are work-at-home opportunities and the only contact with people is the cashier at the checkout line.
  4. Accountant. An excellent job for introverts is as an accountant. Employees in this type of job just work with numbers, paper, computers and an adding machine. Very little contact with people is required and as the stereotype suggests, it is perfect for people who are shy.
  5. Medical Transcriptionist. One of the best jobs for introverted people is being a medical transcriptionist. Those in this job transcribe medical notes and many of them work from home.
  6. Medical Equipment Preparer. This kind of job requires working in a hospital where there are a lot of people, but medical equipment preparers have limited contact with them. A great job for introverted people, medical equipment preparers set up the medical equipment in the operating room before surgery.
  7. Laboratory Technologists. Another one of the best jobs for introverted people is a laboratory technologist. These people just work in a lab similar to your science class and work alone. They test your blood, urine and other specimens and type up a report of their findings. They don't even have to deliver the reports, they have other employees for that.
  8. HVAC Mechanic. Another one of the best jobs for introverted people, HVAC mechanics just work on air conditioning and heating units. Little to no contact is involved in this career choice.
  9. Civil Engineers. An interest in improving roads, buildings and transportation is needed for this occupation, but very little contact with people is required.
  10. Graphic Designer. Employees in this field must love art and design. This is one of the best jobs for introverts because most of the workday graphic designers create websites, video games, animation and advertisements.
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