10 Best Jobs For Law Graduates

The 10 best jobs for law graduates include a variety of occupations, some more demanding than others. A law degree offers new graduates a choice of private industry and big bucks or public service and lesser bucks. Speciality jobs are not available in all geographic regions and a move might be necessary for the highest paying jobs. 

  1. Corporate lawyer. This category of lawyer assists businesses and corporations in developing formal paperwork, such as contracts, and also hunts folks down to sue them. Large corporations employ a cast of lawyers or keep a group on retainer for "sueable" moments. 
  2. Entertainment lawyer. One of the ten best jobs for law graduates includes working in entertainment law. This job assists actors, screenwriters and directors in developing a contract that incorporates all the necessary legalese necessary to avoid any potential misunderstandings. Studios and production companies have their own law professionals to write up contracts and to receive the documents from the actors and subcontractors. Law grads looking for work in this area also require training in budgeting and finance. 
  3. Sports lawyer. Athletic ability is a commodity in the U.S., and lawyers represent sports teams as well as athletes in writing contracts for representation and work. Conditions, pay, disclosure and even press might need wrangling in contracts. A sports lawyer might be a sub-speciality of the entertainment law field. Applicants must know finance and banking for this occupation, unless you work as part of a large sports law office that hires special accountants to do the figure crunching. 
  4. Title law. A title is a legal claim to land or property and law graduates dealing in this field may work with corporations in tracing ownership of property in the U.S. and international locations. A second language skill helps with international dealings or tracing early titles in areas such as Arizona, Texas and southern California. 
  5. Judge. Higher appointment or election to this position requires law experience in the field, but a lower-level judge or arbitrator might just be of interest to a new graduate with a law degree. Hobnobbing in politics is usually a requirement for appointments. 
  6. U.S. Supreme Court judge. Think big. The best job for law graduates is one where you can wear anything you want under a robe, have the job title for life, and no matter how old or crazy you get, you'll get to work. The pay is most excellent and the only downside is there is only room for a handful of applicants. Major bummer. 
  7. Legal eagle for the downtrodden. If you're into working for the greater good, and who isn't, taking a job in a non-profit to assist folks in law questions is a noble undertaking. The pay isn't great, but the non-tangible benefits are awesome. 
  8. Community service. Community service is another area for new law grads. A job as a prosecuting attorney is an entry to judgeships. The pay doesn't match the income from corporate law, but the job sharpens your legal skills, most times representing the good guys. 
  9. International Lawyer. International lawyers work for a number of groups and governments regarding issues as diverse as prisoners of war to trade practices. You'll need to live in a country outside the U.S. for most of the year and expect to be in the air much of the year. The United Nations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Amnesty International seek legal help for a variety of issues. 
  10. Attorney General. Individual and state attorney general offices hire legal aides and lawyers to assist in research, filing actions and taking charge in the courtroom. Promotion for the office usually comes from below and entry level positions, as publicly-funded positions, are open to all races, religions and sexual preferences. 
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