10 Best Jobs For MBA Graduates

If you have your MBA, learn about ten best jobs for MBA graduates. You can do almost anything you desire with MBA . An MBA is a Master's degree in business administration. An MBA is attractive to almost any employer. Additionally many professional degree-granting institutions are now offering dual degrees (JD/MBA) or (MD/MBA). Here are the ten best jobs for MBA graduates:

  1. Technology. In 2007, MBA grads rated technology companies as some of the most "sought after" fortune 500 companies. MBA grads who work in the field of technology  work in technical computer or managerial positions. They also come up with the latest innovations for software products and design marketing strategies. Some technology companies have programs dedicated to recruiting recent MBA grads from schools like Harvard, University of Chicago and Wharton.
  2. Management Consulting. Many MBA grads work for management consulting firms. MBA grads work in general consulting roles or specialized consulting roles, depending on the company. MBA grads are used for their strategic business thinking abilities and finance experience.
  3. International Investment Management. Another best job for MBA graduates is the field of investment management. Banks and investment firms  hire MBA grads to help customers with their portfolios and recommend investments. MBA graduates can manage international bank accounts and investments.
  4. Law School. If you just graduated business school, you might think more school sounds crazy. Actually, having an MBA can look great on your application for Law school. If you are interested in business law (even if you don't want to be a lawyer), getting a JD in addition to your MBA might be advantageous. This is especially true if you are interested in business or corporate law.
  5. Non-profit Leadership. Another best job for MBA graduates is found in the non-profit sector. You could manage non-profit research projects in the social or natural sciences. Project managers manage the budget for projects, hire teams and ensure fiscal responsibility. You could also direct the charity program of your choosing, including political organizations.
  6. Marketing. Another common job for recent MBA graduates is in the world of marketing. You could obtain a job as the marketing director of any of your favorite products. If you are skilled in design, you could develop products (anything from shoes to computers) or develop strategies to market products to a range of potential customers.
  7. Data Analyst. A data analyst examines data and recommends financial decisions using statistical methods. A data analyst is an ideal job for an MBA grad, especially if you enjoy working with numbers. Data analysts seek to eliminate company loss and recommend plans to improve fiscal performance.
  8. Accountant. As an MBA grad, you are qualified for Accounting. To be an actual "Accountant" you will need to take a comprehensive exam. Having an MBA will generally make you more money than an accountant without an MBA. Having extensive knowledge of how to conduct business, you could even become partner in an accounting firm or start your own accounting practice.
  9. Entrepreneur. If you can't find the best job with your MBA, consider starting your own company. You have surely obtained innovative skills and you understand marketing. You have also likely met others in your MBA program who might be interested in starting a company with you.
  10. Business Executive. Most tops business executives have earned an MBA. Recent MBA grads will rarely find themselves being offered an executive position (unless it is for a non-profit or start-up company). You can work your way up to executive over time, CEOs are common jobs for MBA grads.
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