10 Best Jobs For Recent Graduates

The 10 best jobs for recent graduates provides job longevity and pay better than run-of-the-mill jobs. If your major doesn't match the best jobs list, extra training or a special certificate program might be an option to join this elite crew of hires. The economy shifts gears periodically, so deciding to add some course work or pick up a new certification means moving fast, before the job lists moves into a new focus area. 

  1. Systems analysts. Computers and recent grads team up in this job to keep the operations running. This top-paid job requires skills in technology and a firm grasp of math and conceptual design. 
  2. Actuaries. An actuary works with statistics to develop tables used by business and industry. If you've majored in business, you probably have many of the math skills required by this job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor identifies this job as an area of high demand for the future. As insurance companies begin selling more life insurance policies, this job will also see more openings, since actuaries make up tables of who has the best odds of dying. Actuary tables are also used in many types of investment businesses. 
  3. Retirement banking investment salesperson. The nation is aging and while retirement bankers work with people of all ages, older folks with money provide a good foundation for clients. If you enjoy working in stocks and bonds, know a bit about banking and have some interest in helping others, this may be the job for a recent graduate in business, public management, communication or mathematics. 
  4. Paralegal or Legal professional assistant. We're a very legal-oriented society and a large group of Americans love to sue other people. If you enjoy the law profession, this is a good thing. One of the ten best jobs for recent graduates is a paralegal. This requires a certificate of training in most states, but if you have a degree in any field that requires comprehensive writing and listening for details, this may be one of the best jobs for you, too. Large corporations and non-profits use paralegal in place of law school grads to handle basic legal transactions. 
  5. Computer support specialist. Everything official is moving to the ether world and the U.S. Department of Labor notes that this ten best jobs for recent graduates is on a list of hiring for the decade. Hires for this job include recent graduates with skills in computers and communication.
  6. Cost estimator. Government spending requires estimating the amount of the project. Private contractors working with all levels of government also hire estimators. A firm grasp of math is necessary and a head for business. 
  7. Securities and commodities broker. The only folks coming out of the economic mess of 2009 – 2010 smelling like roses were the securities and commodities brokers and this could be you in future boom and bust cycles. If you have math skills, enjoy reading about the markets and have the ability to smooze, then this is the job for you after graduation. You'll need to have a clean record as these folks are licensed. 
  8. Market research analyst. Markets in this case mean what is sold to consumers. If you like to research what perfume Americans love and the top selling children's cereal, then this is a career right in your target zone. Large businesses hire research analysts to help in marketing products and services. It might also be that you want to understand the reasons for consumer buying patterns. If that's the case, a consumer think tank may be the place for your skills. 
  9. Public relations specialist. Companies use public relations specialist to put the best face on the firm and sell it to the world. If you enjoy working with people and love to get dressed up, then this may be your top on the list of the ten best jobs for recent graduates. You'll need to be able to write copy, understand the workings of both new and old media.
  10. Biomedical technicians. Interests in medicine and science are keys for this recent graduate career option. Technicians are entry level for laboratories and research corporations so this job allows the prospect of in-house advancement, in addition to great entry-level salaries. 
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