10 Best Jobs In A Recession

Yet another top 10 best jobs in the recession post? Well, unless you've been living under a rock lately, odds are you've either directly or indirectly know of someone who has been affected by the recession. People have been scrambling for just about any job available and even those with college degrees have been left out in the cold. So what is a poor man or woman to do? Check out these top 10 jobs which seem to weather the test of time.

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA). With companies worrying about money more than ever, it makes sense that accountants would be in demand. Whether you are fresh out of school or even have no experience at all besides a course at a community college or vocational school, many companies need people like you. You'll be the person to make sure records are correct, taxes are filed on time or payments are made and received on time.

  2. Administrative Assistant. Interested in a job with a variety of tasks? Be a virtual or literal right-hand Joe. Be the information center of an office and handle tasks that may have been previously assigned to mid-level managers. Since there is a relatively high turnover in these jobs, this may serve as a temporary job while you train for a new career or until your dream job opens up.

  3. Customer Service Representative (CSR). Even when it seems as if millions of people have cut back on their spending, things still break down or questions arise that need to be answered. This is where CSR's come into play.

  4. Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Medical Assistant. People are not getting any younger and germs don't really care if there is a recession or not. Basically any medical field will weather the course. Since these positions cost hospitals less than doctor's salaries, growing clinics often increase staff numbers in these areas first.

  5. Police Officer, State Trooper. Unfortunately, criminals do not care whether people have lost their jobs; sometimes it makes it even easier to take advantage of them. Police officers or state troopers will always be in demand and do not always require a university degree.

  6. Fire and Emergency Service Workers. Just like police officers and state troopers, fire and emergency service workers (emergency medical technicians, paramedics, 911 operators, firefighters) will always be in demand, no matter if the economy takes a downfall. While these jobs quite often require certification of some kind, they do not all require university degrees.

  7. Teacher. Losing jobs in a recession has brought education to the forefront of many people's minds. More and more teachers at every level will be in demand to feed this new desire.


  8. Software Engineer. The internet continues to grow, especially with more people breaking into the freelancing world. Someone has got to develop all of those programs and keep computers from breaking down. Why shouldn't that someone be you?

  9. Network Administrator. As with the job above, once all of those programs have been developed and unleashed, someone has got to be there to ensure that all systems are "go." This would be you, superstar–-it sometimes pays to be a computer nerd.

  10. Federal Government. Work for the man, the big man who controls the government that is. Federal jobs from Homeland Security right on down to the Post Office will always be in demand, and since the government remains one of the largest employers to date, there is reason to believe that you too can benefit from from the goods. If the government goes down, trust us when we say that a job is the least of your worries.


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