10 Best John Candy Movies

Just reading this list of the 10 Best John Candy Movies will make you wish it was 1987 again. This larger-than-life Canadian won us over on SCTV and then led us to the box office for some of the funniest movies of the '80s and '90s.

  1. "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles." While watching this movie (which is better if viewed around Thanksgiving, by the way) you get feeling that Steve Martin is playing Steve Martin, and John Candy is playing John Candy. John's character, Del Griffith, has so much heart it actually hurts to see him fail at life. Candy is known to have had the biggest heart in show business, and this is his best film because he manages to show you his heart and to make you laugh at the same time.
  2. "Uncle Buck." This is one of the most wildly appealing movies of all time. Kids love it. Teenage babysitters love it. Our dads go nuts over it. So many movies have had this similar story line: man/child is made into unlikely babysitter. This is one of John Candy's best movies because it's our favorite one of this genre. We could have only wished that Hulk Hogan and the Rock would have watched "Uncle Buck" before making their garbage.
  3. "The Great Outdoors." It's challenging to spend a weekend in the woods and not think of this gem. Talking raccoons. A bear with a bald head. Candy eats a steak that's heavier than a newborn baby. This is certainly John Candy at his best.
  4. "Who's Harry Crumb." It was only a matter of time before someone would cast John Candy as a clueless detective. When they did, he delivered, as usual.
  5. "Spaceballs." John has a smaller, but very memorable role in this Mel Brooks movie. He plays Barf: half man, half dog. Just his image is funny in this one, and the fact that almost every line he has is hilarious makes it one of his best films.
  6. "Stripes." One of Candy's first big, breakout roles, and one of his best. This movie is wacky in all the right ways, and Candy is hilarious as Pvt. Dewey "Ox" Oxburger.
  7. "Delirious." If you think you didn't like this one, you better watch it again and think about it some more. It has a great plot: a soap opera writer falls into his own world and has to write himself out, and Candy plays well in a role that doesn't seem made for him. It's one of his best because he proves he can play a romantic lead as well as a goofball.
  8. "Brewster's Millions." Two comedy greats (Richard Pryor and John Candy) take on a challenge to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days. Adapted from a classic novel of the same name, Pryor and Candy make a touching, funny movie about friendship and greed.
  9. "Cool Runnings." John Candy plays the coach of a Jamaican Bobsled team trying to get due respect at the Olympics. The previous sentence should make you want to see this movie immediately. A classic, and one of Candy's best.
  10. "Armed and Dangerous." The tenth place on this list could have gone to a few other of Candy's classics, but "Armed and Dangerous" shows him as a loyal loser, which always suits him well. He plays a cop who was fired for being honest and is made to be security guard. His relationship with SCTV cast mate Eugene Levy is the source of the funny in this film, and together they make this one of John Candy's best movies.
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