10 Best John Mayer Lyric Quotes

John Mayer is the song writer of today's generation and here are the 10 best John Mayer lyric quotes. John Mayer started his career in 1997 but didn't achieve commercial success until 2003. Mayer has a number of hit songs, and amongst them you will find some of the best lyrics in music.

  1. "One thing I've left to do/Discover me, discoverin' you" from the song "Wonderland" is one of Mayer's early hits. It's clever and playful. This award-winning song from the album "Heavier Things" was a smash hit. 
  2. "You see that skin/It's the same she's been standing in/Since the day she saw him walking away/Now she's left cleaning up the mess he made" from "Daughters" explores the effect that parents have on their children's future relationships and the damage that can be done when a parent hurts his child.
  3. "You’d better know that in the end/Its better to say too much/Then never say what you need to say again" from "Say" puts into words one of the most basic rules to live by. Regret is something that no one wants to live with. Simplicity makes for the greatest lyrics.
  4. "I was made to believe I'd never love somebody else/Made a plan stay the man who could only love himself" from "Half of My Heart" encapsulates the real John Mayer.  Obviously, relationships are not his strong suit.
  5. "Cause when they own the information, oh/They can bend it all they want" from "Waiting on the World to Change" is a lyric that says a great deal about today's society and the control of the media. We blame the apathy of the younger generation for the world's problems, but Mayer's lyric suggests otherwise. 
  6. "And I will walk outside on my own into the light/The kind of clarity that only comes to me on Sunday's shine" from "Everything is Not Broken" showcases Mayer's lyrical ability. It is pure poetry.
  7. " I just found out there's no such thing as the real world/Just a lie you've got to rise above" from "No Such Thing" is the manifestation of dreams and the belief in them. It is clear that Mayer rose above thanks to his beautiful lyrics.
  8. "When Autumn comes, it doesn't ask/It just walks in where it left you last/You never know when it starts/Until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart" from "Something's Missing" shows Mayer's writing chops.  Mayer's use of personification and metaphor capture the complexity of emotion. Another "best lyric."
  9. "It's not the storm before the calm/This is the deep and dyin breath of/This love that we've been workin on"  from "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" another great quote about the demise of a relationship and the realization that nothing is going to save it.
  10. "Some of us, We're hardly ever here/The rest of us, we're born to disappear" from "Vultures" captures the fragile nature of human beings and how hard truly living really is.  But, thanks to the great music and lyrics of John Mayer, he makes living that much more enjoyable.
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