10 Best Of John Mayer Singles

The 10 best of John Mayer singles are as musically complex as you’ll find in popular songs. Combining adept blues-influenced guitar work with catchy hooks and melodies, John Mayer singles are easily accessible, yet still worth your time.

  1. “Your Body is a Wonderland” As the second single from 2001’s “Room For Squares” album, this single propelled John Mayer into the public consciousness. Featuring a smooth acoustic-based instrumentation, Mayer’s sultry vocal on this single caused women everywhere to swoon.
  2. “Why Georgia” With its powerful chorus and melodic refrain, this third single from 2001’s “Room For Squares” was an instant hit. Lyrically, John Mayer addressed relatable topics of self-doubt in lines like “I wonder sometimes / About the outcome / Of a verdictless life / Am I living it right?”
  3. “Bigger Than My Body” John Mayer’s second album “Heavier Things” featured this single as the lead release in 2003. An upbeat, melodic testament to Mayer’s musical talent, this single is a nonstop joyride. Poetic lyrics like “This is a call to the colorblind / This is an IOU” are the icing on this single’s cake.
  4. “Daughters” As the most intimate entry in the ten best of John Mayer singles, this song is an outright masterpiece. Featured as the third single from 2003’s “Heavier Things,” it’s a touching letter to parents around the world, reminding them to take care of their children.
  5. “Gravity” Originally released as a live track on “Try!” in 2005, this single got the studio treatment for 2006’s “Continuum.” The best thing about this single is John Mayer’s scorching guitar solo, which begins in a dreamy vibrato and picks up steam toward its fret-blistering conclusion.
  6. “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” As one of the stronger tracks from 2006’s “Continuum” album, this John Mayer single was the logical candidate for radio airplay. Featuring mellow overtones and wistful ambiance, Mayer’s signature vocal style is prominently featured in this single.
  7. “Heartbreak Warfare” John Mayer’s fourth studio album “Battle Studies” featured this single as the second release in 2009. Featuring honest lyrics like “If you want more love / Why don’t you say so?” this single is a case-study in the dwindling passion of a relationship gone sour.
  8. “Say” Featured in the 2007 film “The Bucket List,” this John Mayer single didn’t get the full album treatment until a special edition of “Continuum” was released later in the year. Mayer’s calling card of lyrical honesty is on full display throughout this single, with straightforward lyrics like “Even if the eyes are closing / Do it with a heart wide open / Say what you need to say.”
  9. “Waiting on the World to Change” As the first single from “Continuum” in 2006, this song retained John Mayer’s track record of quality music. Melodic and bouncy, this single was another lyrical gem. Lines like “It’s hard to beat the system / When we’re standing at a distance” show Mayer’s talent for songwriting in his singles.
  10. “Who Says” As the most tongue-in-cheek entry in the ten best of John Mayer singles, this 2009 release from the “Battle Studies” album still possesses Mayer’s hallmark honesty and musical prowess. Lyrically, this single is a playful middle finger to detractors: “Who says I can’t get stoned / Call up a girl that I used to know / Fake love for an hour or so / Who says I can’t get stoned?”
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