10 Best Journalism Graduate Jobs

The ten best journalism graduate jobs focus on new media, but the skills necessary for work in old media are still a must. Depending on where you got your journalism degree, the program may or may not have prepared you to do all of these jobs. Modern, state-of-the-arts programs train graduates in both old school and new school media careers, but some schools feature only print training. 

  1. Advertising. While advertising incorporates training in business, journalism skills offer a chance to use writing skills in writing print copy for print ads, email and snail mail correspondence, as well as creating the content for brochures and fliers. Writing for ads is different than traditional news stories, so a course in ad writing might be necessary for the new grad. 
  2. Broadcast news. Using a journalism degree for writing content or scripts is one of the ten best journalism graduate jobs, although one that is available for only a handful of graduates. Broadcast news is an oral presentation so journalism graduates may need to take a course in oral communication to have the content flow for broadcasters. 
  3. Public relations. A job in PR is also on the list of the ten best journalism graduate jobs. Companies require a voice to the outside world and a public relations representative is critical to putting the best foot forward in dealing with the public — or with problems that become public. Journalism graduates may have just the right touch to handle the delicate details of PR work. A supplemental course or two or an internship may be necessary to understand the nuances necessary for PR work.
  4. Web authoring. The Internet introduced a whole new world for journalism graduates. Content is king on the Internet and drives culling readers who browse the Internet for information. A course, even an online tutorial, may help in providing the details necessary in keyword writing. 
  5. Web editing. Another best journalism graduate job for the Internet, web editing using journalism skills to help companies who often hire the lowest common denominator when it comes to web authors. 
  6. Web designing. A one-stop job for new journalism graduates is a web design firm. In the new school content business, the more duties a new hire can provide, the more attractive the candidate. Web designing may not be one of the courses for a new journalism grad, but directed, hands-on courses are offered by a number of online and brick-and-mortar schools for very little money. There may be millions of web designers, but a quality journalist with web designing skills is a rare catch. 
  7. Research. Journalism graduates with top-notch research skills can find work in a number of venues after graduation. Research associates, one of the ten best journalism graduate jobs, work in education, all levels of government and private industry. Add some ethnography classes, and a good writer can find work in commercial research for large corporations or with a legal firm. 
  8. Consumer magazine work. While traditional magazines and newspapers may see declining readership in the modern age, directed consumer mag work has expanded exponentially. Large corporations feature products in what appears to be a normal, old school mag that has content focusing on what the company has to offer. This form of journalist persuasion is a hot career, for the new grad with the writing skills. 
  9. Traditional print media. Newspapers and magazines are not dead. The group that remain are at the top of the game. Lean and mean. The pay is good for the few hires that can grab one of these ten best journalism graduate jobs. You'll need a good portfolio for these top publishers, so you may need to start out with the company writing general pieces for the online forums. 
  10. Television production. TV also hires graduates with  journalism degrees for feature news shows and documentaries. Research skills for the new journalism graduate must be of the highest order. You'll need a portfolio of work showing your research skills. An internship at a production company or with a firm that does this type of work provides an opportunity to show your stuff in a working situation. 
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