10 Best Journey Songs

The 10 best Journey songs also happen to be some of the best-known Journey songs. Hey, they were hits for a reason. Unless you haven’t listened to the radio in 30 years, you’ve probably heard all of these great tunes.

  1. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” from the album “Frontiers.” This makes the list of ten best Journey songs in part because of its awesome intro and driving rhythm. The video for this song made it into MTV’s 25 lamest video countdown in 1999.
  2. “Open Arms” from the album “Escape.” “Open Arms” is one of the best love songs of the '80s, and we get to hear vocalist Steve Perry’s softer side.
  3. “Any Way You Want It” from the album “Departure.” This excellent song starts off with no intro: just a burst of music and vocals. Third on the list of best Journey songs, “Any Way You Want It” is also super-fun to play in Rock Band 2.
  4. “Don’t Stop Believing” from the album “Escape.” Even though this song has been misappropriated by the show, “Glee,” it still deserves its place on the list of best Journey songs. Steve Perry didn’t need auto-tune.
  5. “Who’s Crying Now” from the album “Escape.” This song features a catchy chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head and a terrific guitar solo at the end.
  6. “Faithfully” from the album “Frontiers.” This tremendous power ballad talks about the difficulties of life on the road and away from a loved one. It ended up becoming one of Journey’s most popular songs.
  7. “Lights” from the album “Infinity.” Though this song about San Francisco was not originally a big hit when released, it has become more popular over the years.
  8. “Wheel in the Sky” from the album “Infinity.” Another song about a man on the road, “Wheel in the Sky” offers a memorable chorus and a good melody.
  9. “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’” from the album “Evolution.” Despite the corny lyrics, this is still one of the ten best Journey songs. And everyone can sing along to the “na na na” part at the end.
  10. “When You Love a Woman” from the album “Trial By Fire.” The most recent song on the list of ten best Journey songs, “When You Love a Woman” show that the band can still bring it.
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