10 Best Kate Beckinsale Movies

The 10 best Kate Beckinsale movies may not all be critic or financial successes, but each showcased the English actress at the top of her game.  Kate's roles have varied in her career, yet her outstanding screen presence has not.  From monster-hunting hottie to rom-com scene stealer, Kate Beckinsale is one of Hollywood's brightest stars, and these are the 10 films that prove it.

  1. Underworld (2003).  Kate's starring role in the Underworld series catapulted the English actress into stardom.  As Selene, the gun-toting, leather-clad werewolf huntress, Kate later reprised her role in the action-horror sequel which debuted at number one in the box office.
  2. Laurel Canyon (2002).  In Lisa Cholodenko's drama film set in Laurel Canyon near Los Angeles, Kate plays Alex, a tightly-wound, newly engaged woman who becomes introduced to and seduced by the alternative, free-spirited lifestyle of Jane, the mother of her fiancé.
  3. Serendipity (2001).  The superstitious Sara Thomas lets destiny decide the fate of her love life in Peter Chelsom's romantic comedy.  Opposite John Cusack, Kate holds her own and showcases her acting chops in one of her best movies.
  4. Snow Angels (2007).  David Gordon Green's film adaptation of Stewart O'Nan's 1994 novel revolved around the lives of many characters in dealing with tragedy in the small town life.  Though the film was not a commercial nor critical success, Kate's portrayal of the doomed Annie Marchand showed a subtlety to her acting abilities not yet seen in her career.
  5. The Aviator (2004).  Kate plays Ava Gardner, a one-time lover of Howard Hughes, in Martin Scorsese's Oscar-nominated film.  Her short cameo may not have been star-billing, but Kate's mesmerizing beauty and portrayal of the Hollywood icon stood out among the rest.
  6. Van Helsing (2004).  As Anna Valerious, Kate plays a vampire hunter opposite Hugh Jackman's title role in this action-horror film directed by Stephen Sommers.  While not as acclaimed as the Underworld franchise, the film continued Kate's trek through Hollywood's leading men on her way to becoming her own leading star.
  7. Vacancy (2007). Opposite Luke Wilson, Kate plays his wife Amy Fox in Nimród Antal's low-budget film set in a seedy California motel.  This slasher/thriller surprised audiences and critics with honest performances from its cast, with Kate taking on the role of heroine which has since defined her career.
  8. Click (2006).  Frank Coraci's comedy starred Adam Sandler as an overworked architect who uses a magical remote to control the universe.  Kate plays Donna Newman, Sandler's wife, in this oddly dark story about what happens when you fast-forward through life.
  9. The Last Days of Disco (1998).  Kate plays icy socialite Charlotte Pingress, a breakout mainstream role at the onset of her budding film career.  Set at the end of the disco era, the film was a financial failure but enjoyed mild critical success.  Kate's role provided a youthful glimpse into the bright future of the rising star.
  10. Pearl Harbor (2001).  One of the most financial successful films of 2001, Pearl Harbor was met with widespread criticism of its historical inaccuracies and "Hollywood" portrayal of the war in the  Pacific.  Nevertheless, Kate's touching role as Evelyn Johnson, a nurse torn between two loves and trapped in a terrifying war, showcased the talented actress in one of her best movies ever.
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