10 Best Keira Knightly Movies

To attempt to label any of Keira Knightley's movies as the best is futile, but maybe this list of ten will help narrow down the focus. Few actresses can have movies span continents and always be a success, but she is one of them. Below is a list of Keira Knightley's ten of her best movies.

  1. "Bend it Like Beckham." This was Knightley’s first major role. She stars as Jules, daughter of a proper English couple in the film that was first released in the United Kingdom.
  2. "Love Actually." This film dives into ten different love stories, starting a few weeks before Christmas. All the lives are intertwined, as the movie reveals. The movie is ensemble cast of great British actors.
  3. "Pirates of the Caribbean." This trilogy of movies, subtitled "The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's End" respectively gave Knightley the chance to play Elizabeth Swann, proper daughter turned pirate.
  4. "King Arthur." Knightley stars Guinevere, opposite Clive Owen's portrayal of Arthur, in the new take on an old tale.
  5. "Domino." In this film, Knightley plays a bounty hunter named Domino, who is recapping a story to the FBI after being arrested during the investigation of a $10 million robbery.
  6. "The Jacket." A psychological thriller also starring Adrien Brody, who plays a man who that ends up in the future, where he meets Knightley, a woman he saved during the war in 1992. The two try to put together the pieces and figure out how to change the past from the future.
  7. "Pride and Prejudice." Knightley plays the stong-minded Elizabeth Bennet, starring opposite Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. It’s an age-old tale of love, deception, pride, prejudice and how people are never what you think.
  8. "Atonement." In this epic love story, Knightley plays a girl who loves, and then loses that love in a twist of fate. It’s a powerful movie and brilliantly done.
  9. "The Duchess." Knightley plays Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, in the film based on the true story.  In the midst of an unhappy marriage, cavendish gets involved in a love triangle with the future prime minister.
  10. "The Edge of Love." Knightley stars as Vera Phillips, a woman who runs into her married first love during World War II. The movie a sad tale of love and jealousy.



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