10 Best Killer Movies Of The 2000’s

Every decade has its share of horror movies, but what would you say are the 10 best killer movies of 2000? That’s kind of a hard one to answer since there weren’t that many movies about murderers within the last ten years to begin with, but hey, that’s not to say there weren’t any good killer movies at all! Below you’ll find a list of what we’ve chosen to be the best killer movies of the decade.

  1. “American Psycho” (2000) Regarded as one of the best killer movies of all time, this film details the life of Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street workaholic by day and an emotionless killer by night.
  2. “The Crimson Rivers” (2000) Two detectives are investigating two different cases near the same university: the gruesome murder of a student and the desecration of a former student’s grave. Pierre Niemans and and Max Kerkerian end up working together as they come to find out their suspect is the same person.
  3. “The Watcher” (2000) An incredibly scrupulous serial killer practiced in forensics hunts down and murders women, leaving an FBI agent entrusted with the case completely stumped. Agent Joel Campbell was so disturbed, in fact, that he quit his job and moved away, only to have the murderer continue sending him photos of future victims to taunt him.
  4. “From Hell” (2001) This film is based on the true mystery story of Jack the Ripper. An opium-addicted inspector relies on his drugs to give him visions that allow him to solve cases and once he falls in love with a local prostitute named Mary Kelly, he tries to solve the mystery of the Ripper before Mary Kelly ends up dead, too. Of all movies dealing with Jack the Ripper, this one’s got to be one of the finest (and not because of Johnny Depp).
  5. “Monster” (2003) Another film derived from a true story, this motion picture is anchored in the chronicles of Aileen Wuornos, one of the first American female serial killers. Wuornos became a highway prostitute as a teenager and, for a period of a few months, began murdering her clients in order to get money without needing to have sex.
  6. “Saw” (2004) “Saw” is testimony that an old dog can, in fact, learn new tricks. Rather than the longstanding yarn of one unhinged person killing off his/her prey, you’ll see a soulless man simply named Jigsaw sticking people into situations where they must kill themselves or one another in order to try and escape their captor’s perverse game. Unfortunately, the only victor in this game is the ringleader himself. The same intent exists throughout the subsequent sequel movies, but it still manages to stay exceptional.
  7. “Taking Lives” (2004) One day in the early 1980s, a teenager named Martin Asher takes a bus to Canada; en route, he meets another teen who he later murders and steals his identity. Fast forward twenty years and Martin is still on the loose, stealing victims’ names and outfoxing the FBI.
  8. “Black Christmas” (2006) This is one of many underrated slaughter movies, perhaps because you sympathize with the killer because of his abusive childhood. Carnage, murder, impaling, mental illness, incest and sorority girls–how can something like this not be worthy of a “Best Killer Movie” award?
  9. “The Zodiac” (2006) Investigators obsess over the case of a murderer shrouded in mystery. This film is based profoundly upon the true 1970s crime spree of the Zodiac Killer. It seems that many notable murderer movies are rooted in the lives and crimes of actual serial killers because no fantasy killer can compare to the deranged mind of a true killer.
  10. “Halloween” (2007) Rob Zombie’s recreation of this classic title offers insight into Michael Myers’s childhood and how he ended up a merciless killer. True to the original, Myers sets out to find his younger sister, killing anybody who dares to interfere, while donning his William Shatner mask. This is perhaps the only one of Zombie’s copycat movies that’s any good, too; “Halloween II” wasn’t too remarkable in comparison.
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