10 Best Killer Suspense Movies

If you enjoy movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, you'll definitely want to check out this list of the 10 best killer suspense movies. Every once in a while, it's fun to watch something that keeps you gripping the arms of your chair and who doesn't love a movie that breaks out of the box and has enough plot twists to keep you guessing? If you enjoy gripping dramas and chilling thrillers, jot down some of these killer suspense movies, warm up the DVD player and let's make tonight a creepy marathon night.

  1. "The Silence of the Lambs" This is an easy pick for one of the best killer suspense movies, simply because of the outstanding acting and the tension between Clarice and Hannibal Lecter. This movie doesn't need graphic effects or the buzz of chainsaws; even behind a thick glass wall, Hannibal Lecter is as creepy as they come.
  2. "Se7en" While you might be tempted to bypass this movie as fluff, considering it stars Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt, don't make that mistake. Both Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman shine in this macabre tale of two detectives who try and stop a vicious serial killer. One of the best killer suspense movies of all time, it's realistic, gruesome and intense.
  3. "Psycho" When you're talking about some of the best killer suspense movies of all time, you can't help but mention the classic thriller "Psycho." A young woman sets out to start a new life for herself, but has the misfortune of spending the night in a motel run by a quiet young man and his domineering mother. This is a must-see for any fan of dark suspenseful movies.
  4. "Rear Window" Another great Alfred Hitchcock movie that has to be included in our list of best killer suspense movies is the classic thriller "Rear Window." In this voyeuristic tale, a wheelchair-bound man takes to watching his neighbors in his spare time. One night, while watching his neighbors, he sees too much.
  5. "Primal Fear" This is a courtroom drama, but as far as best killer suspense movies go, this one has all of the qualities to make it one of the best. A young altar boy is accused of murdering a Catholic priest and it's up to a lawyer (played by Richard Gere) to uncover the truth behind the grisly killing.
  6. "Fatal Attraction" She may not have gone on a mad killing spree, but you can certainly see the potential there. Glenn Close is outstanding as a slightly psychotic femme fatale who is prepared to go to any lengths to get what she wants from married man, Michael Douglas. We have to add it to our list of best killer suspense movies for the bunny scene alone.
  7. "Murder By Numbers" Also known as "Murd3r 8y Num8ers," this killer suspense movie involves two intellectually gifted high school students who set out to execute the "perfect" murder and pin it on the school's janitor. Sandra Bullock stars as jaded detective Cassie Mayweather, who engages these cunning students in a game of wits.
  8. "From Hell" Johnny Depp takes us back to 1888 London, where he plays the role of Inspector Frederick Abberline in this killer suspense movie about infamous serial killer "Jack the Ripper." Offering a grim view of Victorian Era London, this is a must-see for anyone who likes dark thrillers.
  9. "The Shining" Jack Nicholson brings a whole new level of creepy to the 1980 classic killer suspense movie "The Shining." Based on the novel by Stephen King and directed by the talented Stanley Kubrick, this is a dark and horrific glimpse into insanity.
  10. "Memento" One of the best killer suspense movies that will keep you on your toes has to be the 2000 movie, "Memento." Imagine a man who, suffering from short-term memory loss, has to rely upon things like notes and tattoos to remember the clues that will help him hunt for the person that murdered his wife.
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