10 Best Kissing Scenes

Knowing the 10 best kissing scenes and paying attention to what makes them so good can greatly enhance your own love life. Movies have long held the power to inspire and motivate their viewers, so why not take some lessons from the big dogs and really knock the socks off your significant other?

  1. "Twilight" (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson)  – This vampire romance flick, based on a fiction story, has captivated women of all ages, thanks to the intense romance between the lead roles. The first movie of the saga holds a passionate kiss between the vampire and his human companion. Going in nice and slow, the moment is heated, sensual, forbidden and passionate.
  2. "Spiderman" (Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst)  – This kiss won an MTV movie award thanks to the intense connection between the stars. Memorable because of the mystery, the romance and the action of the moment—Spidey hangs upside down and keeps his mask on (adding a perfect amount of mystery), and lets the woman kiss him at her own seductive speed.
  3. "The Notebook" (Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling) – This kissing scene is memorable for many reasons: the rain is a huge part of the appeal, but there is too much passion between the characters that it simply can’t be restrained. Ryan lifts Rachel into the air and fervently kisses her amidst the storm that surrounds them, very sexy indeed.
  4. "Australia" (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman) – This is another rain kissing scene—notice a pattern? The leading characters go through a lot together and then come out on the upside. They are happy, they are attracted to one another and then the long awaited rains come, amidst the rain and the celebrating the characters come together in a passionate kiss that quickly makes its way to the bedroom.
  5. "From Here to Eternity" (Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr) – Images of this kiss are recognized around the globe and far better known than the movie itself. The two main characters spend a day at the beach and lying in the sand, kiss deeply while the ocean waves move over them at will.
  6. "North and South" (Daniela Denby-Ash and Richard Armitage) – North and South is the tale of a middle class southerner who is forced to move to the northern town of Milton in England. The two main characters finds themselves at odds, though harboring affection for each other until the very end of the movie. They come together, by chance and kiss at a train depot; the kiss is delicate, slow and so passionate that they separate with eyes wide in wonder.
  7. "Lady and the Tramp" (Lady and Tramp) – Many have attempted this kissing scene and failed to pull it off, hence it’s inclusion on the list of ten best kissing scenes. Lady and Tramp are sharing a plate of Spaghetti Bolognaise and listening to beautiful Italian music when they wind up eating the same piece of pasta and chew the noodle until they meet in the middle with their lips touching.
  8. "Titanic" (Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet) – One of the most romantic movies ever made, many people grew tired of hearing about it. However, the kiss on the bow of the ship, between Rose and Jack begins when the two experience something together that is unbelievable, their hands touch and move together, then their eyes meet and they are undone—they kiss slowly and seductively and continue on to much more passionate moments.
  9. "Never Been Kissed" (Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan) – This movie is all about the perfect first kiss. In front of the world, the lady stands waiting and the man walks in, frames her face in his hands and kisses her like there is no tomorrow. No words are spoken, nothing is needed except for their lips to lock.
  10. "Sleeping Beauty" (Aurora and Prince Philip) – This scene is one that doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. Asleep, the beautiful princess awakens to the kiss of her one true love. It is a perfect kiss, chaste and delicate, but one a girl is happy to wake up to.
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