10 Best Kite Surf Spots In The World

When you enjoy traveling and kite surfing, you have a world of fun awaiting you at the 10 best kite surf spots in the world. Whether you are in countries near or far, you are sure to find the perfect destination of your choice within the 10 best kite surf spots in the world. Each country differs in one way or another, however, no matter what you are sure to be able to enjoy every spot which you go to.

  1. Port Aransas, Texas. This is one of the 10 best kite surf spots in the world for its warm sunny beaches. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this quaint little town holds a beauty of its own not too far from Corpus Christi. This beach town will make you come back for more every time. The wave styles here are best for bumps, jumps, waves, and intermediate kite surfers.
  2. Cape Flattery, North Queensland, Australia. This is an isolated spot that not many people know about. You do not have to have any level of experience to kite surf here, just enjoy what you do. The closest airport is Cairns while the nearest city is Cooktown.
  3. Malindi, Kenya. As the number three spot on the 10 best kite surf spots in the world, this breathtaking beach town is perfect for any level of kite surfing. The beach is secluded for almost 5 km with stretches of ideal spots from anyone, ranging from beginner to expert.
  4. Balatonfenyves, Lake Balaton, Hungary. Fly into Budapest and check out this spot is best known for the ability to freestyle on these waves. The only downfall would be the grass and mud as the shore.
  5. Ocean Park, Puerto Rico. This lush tropical landscape is the perfect location for the kite surfing experience around the world. With San Juan being the nearest city and airport, you are sure to be able to enjoy your vacation in the Carribean.
  6. Lake Garda, Bezone, Italy. Interestingly enough, this is the only location on the 10 best kite surf spots in the world that gives you the freedom of getting to the middle of the lake where the most waves are by air.
  7. Cabarete Encuentro, Dominican Republic. This is a world renown kite surf spot in the world because of the amazing stretch of beaches. The nearest city to this stretch of ocean would be Puerto Plata, which is just 20 minutes driving to the nearest airport.
  8. Lakes Bay, New Jersey, USA. This is a spot on the East Coast of the United States which is known for its larger waves. It is closest to Atlantic City and is best for free style and long walks between sporting.
  9. Costa Nova Lagoon, Portugal. This lagoon is covered in soft sand that has the feel of warm velvet between your toes. Add some intermediate waves for your kite surfing experience, and you have one of the most beautiful locations in the world to enjoy.
  10. Wellington Point, Australia. This is a part of Brisbane which is a very beautiful and sought after location. It is mainly for beginners, located on a river. You are recommended to always wear booties when you kite surf here.
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