10 Best Known Politicians Of The ’90s

The 10 best known politicians of the '90s are difficult to name, not because there are not that many to choose from, but because the '90s were chock full of great candidates.  Here are the list of the ten best known politicians of the '90s, in no particular order.

  1. Ted Kennedy.  Kennedy was a champion for working class and the under class.  He worked hard for civil rights, clean air, and human rights.  Kennedy's fight for health care extended beyond his death to a poignant letter he left for President Barack Obama.  Kennedy never gave up.  That is what makes him one of the best known politicians of the '90s.
  2. Bill Clinton.  Clinton was one of the best known politicians of the '90s because of his tremendous presidency.  Clinton worked to balance the budget, create jobs, and also helped to usher in welfare reform. 
  3. Al Gore.  Gore served as senator for the state of Tennessee prior to becoming vice-president.  He is one of the best known politicians of the '90s because he was a tireless champion for the environment.  He fought for clean air even after he left office.  Although he lost the presidency, he did so in a way that will forever be remembered.
  4. George H.W. Bush.  Bush is one of the best known politicians of the '90s because he led the country through Operation Desert Storm.  Bush's successful handling of the war led to a coalition of allies that would stand by the country in turbulent times.
  5. Bob Dole.  Dole, the senator from Kansas, was one of the most outspoken members of Congress.  Dole's bid for presidency failed, but his style of politics lives on.  Besides, who could forget Dole's infamous role as the spokesperson for Viagra.
  6. Ann Richards.  As the quick-witted governor of Texas, Richards is easily one of the best known politicians of the '90s.  Richards championed women's rights and the Democratic cause. 
  7. Joe Biden.  Biden worked as the senator from Delaware before becoming the vice-president.  Biden's work for women's causes is legendary.  Biden's way with words have been recounted on numerous occasions.
  8. Jimmy Carter.  Carter is one of the best known politicians of the '90s despite having served as president in the '70s.  Carter's fight for peace in the Middle East earned him a Nobel Peace Prize.
  9. Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich held one of the most powerful positions in government while in office.  Gingrich's grasp on the Speak of the House position makes him one of the best known politicians of the '90s.
  10. Madeleine Albright.  Albright served as the Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton.  As the first woman to do so, she makes the list of the best known politicians of the '90s. 



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