10 Best Korean Actresses

If you love international cinema, then you need to know the 10 best Korean actresses. These lovely ladies have graced the small and large screens in South Korea and nations abroad in make some of the finest films we've seen yet. If you're ready to learn about a whole new set of super stars, take note of this selection of the best Korean actresses the world has to offer.

  1. Lee Mi-sook. Debuting in the 1979 film "Thoughtless Momo," this Korean actress was a huge name for nearly a decade, especially with her performance in the hit drama "Whale Hunting" where she played a prostitute. After taking a ten year hiatus from acting, she reappeared on the scene in the highly-anticipated film "The Legend of Ginko."
  2. Lee Eun-ju. One of the most infamous Korean actresses ever, she was the subject of many controversial nude scenes in the movie "The Scarlet Letter." Tragically, the negative press attention from this role, coupled with bouts of severe depression, drove this young actress to commit suicide at the age of 24 in her apartment in Seongnam.
  3. Son Ye-jin. This pretty face first drove fans wild by appearing in popular television dramas such as "Delicious Proposal" and "Sunhee Jinhee." She later garnered more international success in films such as "Lovers Concerto" and "The Classic," making her one of the best Korean actresses in the world for her versatility.
  4. Song Hey-kyo. Though she never appeared in the cinemas, she remains as one of the most successful Korean actresses ever. She has held roles in popular television dramas such as "Autumn Fairy Tale," "All In," and "Full House," the last of which was among the highest rated South Korean dramas in 2004.
  5. Jeon Ji-hyun. One of the best Korean actresses whose films have had an international appeal, she's famous for taking otherwise dull movies and making them strong enough to shatter Korean box offices and attract Hollywood attention. One of her films, "Il Mare," was picked up by American producers and remade into "The Lake House," while her most successful film, "My Sassy Girl," was just recently released stateside as well.
  6. Park Han-byul. This gorgeous Korean actress and model has appeared in numerous television dramas, such as "My Fair Lady," "Couple or Trouble," and "Blue Fish." She's also famously linked to Korean pop star Se7en, who had previously denied rumors of their relationship in order to protect her privacy and career.
  7. Kang Su-yeon. Though she was a child actress in the 1970s, she got her first taste of widespread recognition in her 1986 film "The Surrogate Woman." Since then, she's been one of the most well-respected Korean actresses across the globe, especially through her acting in the film "Come, Come, Come Upward," where she famously shaved her head for the role.
  8. Song Yun-ah. This Korean actress made her break onto the scene by acting in acclaimed television dramas such as "Tears of the Dragon," and "The Present." Since then, she's moved onto films such as "Jail Breakers" and "Face," the former of which was one of the highest grossing movies in South Korea in 2002.
  9. Kim Tae-hee. Not only one of the best Korean actresses to date, but also one of the most beautiful, she's been featured in a number of advertisements for major brands such as Samsung, Olympus and LG. Furthermore, her work in television dramas is quite extensive, including fan favorites such as "Stairway to Heaven," "Iris," and "Love Story in Harvard."
  10. Shim Eun-ha. This Korean actress started out in the hugely successful drama "The Last Match," which cemented her as one of the most popular television stars in all of South Korea. She then went on to make movies such as "Christmas in August," which is still regarded as one of the best executed South Korean films to date.
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