10 Best Korean Horror Movies

Amid the dying landscape of modern cinema are the ten best Korean horror movies. "K-Horror" shares similar themes and ideas with the Japanese horror films that have been flourishing in the last ten years; choosing the ten best Korean horror movies was no simple task. Several of these movies are set in an all girls art academy, however, this is the only element they have in common. Slow death and torture accompanying psychological despair are major undercurrents in these movies which makes them even more fun to watch—because, if we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit that seeing others suffer is one of the many reasons we love horror movies. Without further introductory nonsense, here's the ten best Korean horror movies.?

  1. "A Tale of Two Sisters"– This is the best Korean horror movie. Directed in 2003 by Kim Jee-woon this surrealistic, psychological mind-warp centers on two girls dealing with a weak father and overbearing stepmother. Not since "The Three Faces of Eve" has multiple personality disorder been captured so perfectly.
  2. "Acacia"– Released in 2003 and directed by Park Ki-hyung, this Korean horror movie is a dark picture of adoption. Most directors shy away from killing children in their films, therefore, let's applaud this man for his cinematic bravery.
  3. "Cinderella"– Bong Man-dae directed this 2006 Korean classic. All we need to know about this fantastic movie is that there is a faceless girl in a cellar and another girl wearing a "mask." One more thing—suicides and girls cutting their faces cut off. Awesome.
  4. "Whispering Corridors"– The first of the all-girls school films, this 1998 Korean horror movie focuses on a starting school year when a teacher notices that a "new" student has arrived. This girl committed suicide in the art room nine years before, but somehow, is still attending school. Needless to say, the teacher dies soon after.
  5. "Momento Mori"– This 1999 Korean horror film goes along with the all-girls school motif. Two of the girls in the school are in a lesbian relationship. One of the girls, feeling pressure from the other students over her girlfriend, breaks it off. The spurned girl, rejected, jumps off the school's roof. What follows is a hallway genocide of the girls that made fun of them.
  6. "Loner"– Park Jae-sik directed this 2008 Korean horror movie about a teenage girl who becomes a recluse after her best friend kills herself. Besides attempting suicide in front of her family, the hermit girl also talks to someone in her room that nobody else can see. There are hints that her condition may be caused by hidden family history.
  7. "The Record"Ki-Hun Kim brings us this cool revenge film from 2000. A group of kids videotape themselves killing an innocent person so they can laugh about it later. Along comes a mystery man who kills each of the kids so he can laugh about it while slaughtering them.
  8. "Phone"– Two years prior to "Bunshinsaba" Ayn Byung-ki directed "Phone." In this film a young journalist exposes a prominent man's penchant for paying minors to have sex with him. Since the article published, she's been advised to lay low until the man could be fully prosecuted. Part of this involves her getting a new phone number that continuously rings with a screaming girl on the other end of the line. Eventually we find out this girl has ties to the reporter's friends.
  9. "Bunshinsaba"Ayn Byung-ki directed this 2004 movie that was to be one of several set in an all-girl school. A new transfer student has arrived for the cruel entertainment of her classmates. She curses them using a Ouija board, but opens her eyes during the ceremony. The bullies are soon punished for their misdeeds and murdered one at a time.
  10. "The Evil Twin"– Released in 2007 and directed by Kim Ji-hwan, this movie focuses on an accident involving two twin sisters who fall in a lake. One of them dies while the other goes into a coma. Ten years later, the comatose sister wakes up, taking on her dead sister's personality traits. Before you know it people around the village are butchered.

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