10 Best Korean Restaurants: Chicago

10 Best Korean Restaurants: Chicago

The 10 best Korean restaurants in Chicago are universally popular due to their excellent service, smell, quality, and high standards. To be the best, a restaurant must cater to the customer. Quality is key to being the best. And the best Korean food in Chicago is rated by locals, so visiting them will be well worth it.

  1. Jin Ju Restaurant & Bar: Jin Ju's serves fine quality to everyone and for a diner's first Korean experience, they will be well satisfied. The food is great and the service is very efficient. Many diners agree to return. The drinks are very smooth and the side dishes are very tasty. Everyone loves Jin Ju's and it deserves to be the best of 10 Korean restaurants in Chicago. 5203 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640 – 773.334.6377
  2. Seoul Corea Restaurant Inc: Seoul Corea makes customers feel like their at home. With genuinely good recipes from Korea, their food is perfect for any appetite. They décor is very amazing, with old style gas pumps and retro stoves; the design will satisfy curious customers. 1603 East 55th Street, Chicago, IL 60615 – 773.288.1795
  3. Hamamatsu Japanese & Korean restaurant: Hamamatsu serves patrons in a very clean atmosphere. Many customers admit its the best sushi anywhere in Chicago. The prices are right and the service is great. Hamamatsu is a family run business and has been so for many years. 5143 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL‎ – 773.506.2978
  4. Amitabul: Amitabul serves very authentic Korean food. Many Korean restaurants add more sugar and change the meats to fit American diets, but not Amitabul's. Authenticity and quality is their focus. Amitabul's also serves large bowls of great-tasting soups as well as other healthy menu items. 6207 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL‎ – 773.774.0276
  5. San Soo Kab San: The greatest part about San Soo Kab San's is their food. Many reviews suggest their service is the greatest and the food well makes up for the bad parking. Many of the menu items are cooked on authentic wood-fired grills. 5251 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL‎ – 773.334.1589
  6. Crisp: Crisp serves the best Korean chicken in Chicago. Offering a massive menu and many delicious flavors, Crisp will certainly satisfy anyone but vegetarians. Many large portions of Crispy chicken are their specialty, as stated in the name. 2940 North Broadway, Chicago, IL‎ – 773.697.7610
  7. Lincoln Korean restaurant: At Lincoln's, simplicity is in style. Beautiful orange walls, simple wooden chairs, and tile tabletops. With about 25 menu items, and $1.00 drinks, Lincoln's Korean restaurant is a great value. With such a good restaurant, this place is full of Korean-speaking businessmen and families. 5501 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 – 773.784.5225
  8. Korean Seoulfood: This great walk-in restaurant serves genuine tasting Korean food at a high quality. The service depends on which server is working. Usually the service is great. 560 W Van Boren St, Chicago, IL 60607 – 312.427.4293
  9. Hiro's Cafe: Hiro's Cafe serves an all you can eat buffet for only $18. Great prices, and good food in the beautiful Lincoln Park. Hiro's is way above average with great sushi and sake. Visit Hiro's for the friendliest servers in Chicago. 560 W Van Boren St, Chicago, IL 60607 – 312.427.4293‎
  10. Sokongdong restaurant: Sokongdong's gives customers a fine restaurant experience. Customers who enter are immediately seated and the food is made fast and well. The service is very aggressive and keeps up with orders in a good standard. 3307 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659 – 773-539-837


There are not very many Korean restaurants in the downtown Chicago area, but the 10 best are a must see if a tourist wants to get the full feel of Chicago's fine Korean food. Only the best Korean food is here. Quality and taste are always a first with Korean restaurants in Chicago. Visit one of the 10 best Korean restaurants and forever change your idea of good Korean food.

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