10 Best Korean Restaurants: Seoul

Seoul is home to a wide variety of specialty restaurants from Italian to South American and from Thai to American, but here, you'll find the ten best Korean restaurants in Seoul. Planning a night out to a nice Korean restaurant in Seoul, South Korea? The following lists the best Korean restaurants located in the major metropolitan area of Seoul.

  1. Samwon Garden: The highly acclaimed Samwon Garden in Seoul is a top-notch, classy Korean establishment and has been owned by the same owners for over two decades. Samwon Garden, 623-5 Shinsa-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-548-3030
  2. Arirang Folk Restaurant: The Arirang Folk Restaurant entertains its guests with traditional music and a nightly dance concert, in addition to top-quality Korean fare. Arirang Folk Restaurant, 2-2 Kwanhun-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-737-2371
  3. Bagdad Café: The Bagdad Café is located over the Han River and offers a spectacular view. The restaurant specializes in American, Caribbean, and Korean cuisine. Bagdad Café, 28-3 Sinjung-gu, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-714-8553 x 4
  4. Kayarang: The Kayarang Korean restaurant serves traditional Korean food. Request the private tatami mat room for an extra treat. Kayarang, 239-4 Itaewon 2-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-797-4000
  5. Deung Na Mu Jip: The Deung Na Mu Jip location in Seoul is known for its quality atmosphere and special Korean sauces. Deung Na Mu Jip, 590-188, Shinsa-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-540-4344
  6. Sanchon: The Sanchon Korean 24-hour restaurant is a vegetarian-style restaurant that offers only the freshest vegetables and quality dishes. Sanchon, Kwanhun-dong 14, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-02-735-0312
  7. Jihwaja: The Jihwaja is considered one of the most famous Korean restaurants in the city of Seoul and offers authentic Korean cuisine. Jihwaja, San 14-67, Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-1-2-2269-5834
  8. Hanwoori: The Hanwoori Korean restaurant in Seoul is known specifically for its variety of specialty meat dishes. Hanwoori, 91-18 Nonhyundong Kangnamgoo, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-512-3104
  9. Chushinjung: Chushinjung specializes in fresh meat and specialty fermented kimchi. This restaurant is a local favorite. Chushinjung, 44-1 Yeouido-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-784-6662
  10. Hakrim: Hakrim offers a retro 1970s Korean look and is popular with the local young adults and middle-aged crowd. Hakrim, 94-2 Myoroon 4-dong, Seoul, 11 South Korea, +82-2-742-2877
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