10 Best Korean Sad Songs

Korean pop music (referred by different names K-pop, GaYo, KaYo) is popular not only in Korea but many other parts of the world too and the 10 Best Korean Sad Songs listed are from some of the best in the industry. Many artists have grouped together to form bands while many perform singly too. With many of them releasing their albums and songs in digital versions (on the internet) most songs are available easily and many freely.

  1. "Wedding Dress." This is a digital single by TaeYang of the Big Bang group. The “Wedding Dress” song was voted #3 on a Dutch radio station online poll. Co-written with Teddy, the music for the song was composed by TaeYang. The Korean song was later also released in a English version.
  2. "Because of you." This song was the first single to top the charts by the South Korean Girl Group “After School”. Titled "Neo ttaemun-e" in Korean, the song was sung by Park Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Lee Joo Yeon, Rebecca Kim, Uee, Im Jin Ah, Oh Hye Rin, Raina and Nana. The song was first released on 25th November 2009 and made total sales of 60,000 copies in Korea.
  3. "You and I." This Korean sad song was sung by Park Bom, a member of the all-girl Korean group 2NE1 (Tuaeniwon in Korean). The video shows Bom’s boyfriend suffering from an incurable disease, they get married and Bom dream’s of having kids with him which eventually is not fulfilled. The video ends with Bom walking in the field clutching her boyfriend’s journal after his death.
  4. "It's You."  This is a digital single performed by Super Junior group, the boy band from Korea. According to the group, the song is a “mellow but trendy dance number”. Premiered on May 12, 2009, It’s You topped the Cyworld chart within four hours of being released on the internet. The song also ranked #4 on Mnet’s Top 300 chart.
  5. "Lies." This single was sung by the South Korean boy band Big Bang. Dubbed Song of the Year at the M.NET KM Music Festival in 2007, the song featured the band’s first electronic music.
  6. "Tik Tok." This is a digital single by the South Korean Boy Band 2PM. The song speaks about secretive love and the video features singer and actress Yoon EunHye. The six member band released this song in the first month of 2010 on various music sites including Dosirak and Melon.
  7. "Wipe the Tears." This Korean tune was sung by solo singer Lee Gi Kwang nicknamed “Ace Junior” (AJ). The song was released on 14th April 2009.
  8. "Do You Know?" This sad song was coined by the Korean pop-band Someday. The song also became the OST of Boys Over Flowers.
  9. "Can't Let You Go Even if I Die." This number was performed by South Korean Boy Band 2AM. This four member band, Changmin, Jo Kwon, Seulong, and Jinwoon, specializes in ballad style music. This track was from their comeback album released in January 2010. Prior to the release of the album four teaser videos were released on the band’s YouTube account.
  10. "Haru Haru." This song (meaning Day by Day) by hip-hop band Big Bang of South Korea showcases the love of the lady for her guy so much so that she fakes her love for another person (played by T.O.P) so that her real lover (played by G-Dragon) does not get hurt when she dies (she is shown suffering from an incurable disease in the video.
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