10 Best Kosher Restaurants Brooklyn

It is not an easy task to try to name the 10 best kosher restaurants in Brooklyn. Nachas Unlimited, a non-profit organization, lists 718 kosher restaurants just in Brooklyn! The Nachas list tries to give an up-to-date guide for those who are looking for specific types of kosher restaurants. It also includes the price range. Here is an attempt to tell you about some of those popular and interesting kosher restaurants.

  1. Bagel Hole can start your day off right with a crispy sweet bagel with a lox spread.  For only $3.99 you can choose a complete breakfast which includes eggs, bagel, home fries and coffee. They have flavored coffee as well as regular coffee and the best iced cappuccinos. Their baked goods, wraps and salads are wonderful for lunch.
  2. La Bagel Delight is another awesome place with a daily breakfast sandwich combo special. The bagels and lox specials are spectacular. They shout out when baked goods are just freshly out of the oven so that you can enjoy them either on the spot or to go.
  3. Liberman's Dairy Luncheonette is glatt kosher and is strictly dairy. You can get a real feel for the Orthodox religion by seeing and hearing the regulars who wear fringes and yarmulkes. Roz Liberman and her husband Shloimie currently run this restaurant that was opened by her parents in 1968. "Recipes are simple, and just like mama made them," says Shloimie. Eggs are fried in individual pans, and there are only ten or twelve dishes in this small luncheonette with four small wooden tables and a counter that has ten stools.
  4. Caraville Restaurant/Deli features excellent cold cuts.  The large portion sandwiches contain flavorful moist meats.
  5. David's Brisket House has been in business for almost 40 years. The owner steams his brisket, corned beef and pastrami in house daily so that the huge delicious sandwiches are always fresh. You can also get a platter if you do not want to have the bread. This small deli also serves breakfast and burgers.
  6. Kosher Hut of Brooklyn is a kosher pizza shop. They have a well-priced family special and also can cater to large crowds.
  7. Mr. Nosh is kosher Chinese. The excellent food is always fresh and the portions are huge. You can take your leftovers home or get food to take out. They also have a great kids menu.
  8. Glatt Kosher Family is another kosher Chinese restaurant that specializes in dishes such as chicken, beef and veal with scallions, pineapple chicken and lemon chicken. 
  9. Fuji Hana is the original and number one kosher sushi restaurant in Brooklyn. The Thai ginger chicken, rib steak teriyaki, red lentil soup, garlic string beans, lime parsley dressing and their sushi are superb dishes. Also, try their hot apple cobbler or tollhouse cookie for dessert. 
  10. On the Grill is a homey place in the Jewish community of Marine Park. The amazing kosher cuisine is the best some have ever tasted. It is priced affordably and even can be delivered for free!
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