10 Best Kubrick Movies

Here is a list of the 10 best Kubrick movies. Stanley Kubrick is a monument in the world of cinema. He is arguably one of the greatest filmmakers to have ever lived and one of the most profound artists of our time. Film after film, he invited moviegoers to gaze into the dark abyss of space, war and human nature among a variety of other subjects. No two of his films were of the same subject, but each was distinctly a Kubrick movie in its craft. It is virtually impossible to digest everything he was throwing at us in one viewing, demanding we watch his films over and over again to continually discover hidden meanings and fresh ideas. This was the genius of Stanley Kubrick.

  1. "2001: A Space Odyssey" Perhaps Stanley Kubrick's greatest accomplishment as a filmmaker and an artist, "2001" is not only the definitive and greatest science fiction film ever created, but it is also among the greatest of all films. It is one that expanded the horizons of the medium and also changed the form to a kind of filmmaking very few people can gimmick.
  2. "Full Metal Jacket" As already stated, Kubrick followed his own highly sophisticated brand of filmmaking. In "Full Metal Jacket," he created a war movie unlike any other. There were graphically effective battle scenes, but the violence is more powerful in the undercurrent of themes that have already been explored. We experience the cold dehumanisation of boot camp and witness the entire arc of this process as it unfolds with disturbing bravura.
  3. "Eyes Wide Shut" The final chapter in a career of strange, brilliant and utterly rebellious works, "Eyes Wide Shut" is no less confounding, deep and hauntingly genius than any other Kubrick movie on this list.
  4. "Barry Lyndon" Kubrick's love song to literature and the Victorian epic, "Barry Lyndon" is full of dreamlike camera work and lyrical music.
  5. "The Shining" This was not well received when first released, but over the years almost everyone, including its detractors,  has come to see it as a visionary masterpiece of horror.
  6. "A Clockwork Orange" One of the most controversial movies of Kubrick's career, and in the history of cinema, "A Clockwork Orange" actually has the ability to alter your perceptions of life and human nature, a feat few films can accomplish.
  7. "Dr. Strangelove" A very early film in Kubrick's career, it gave the world not one, but several of Peter Sellers' most famous roles. It has come to be regarded as the king of dark comedy and satire.
  8. "Lolita" There are very few film adaptations of Vladimir Nabakov's writing, for the utter challenge it presents, but Stanley Kubrick did not shy away and brought his own vision to this controversial and often disturbing tale.
  9. "Paths of Glory" This is the third war film in Kubrick's oeuvre, and in many ways it is his most emotional work. Kubrick was known as an artist who created cold and bleak works of art. While "Paths of Glory" is bleak at times, there are surprising bursts of raw emotion that showcase Kubrick's deep articulateness about humanity.
  10. "The Killing" Although it wasn't his first film, it was a breakthrough and a film that gave the world a taste of things to come. It is still revered and its genius will surely stand the test of time.
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