10 Best Lagers Pilsner Beers

This list journeys toward the 10 best lager pilsner beers. Pilsner lagers are a tough beer to define, because the original type of German pilsner began as a golden hoppy brew made in cool cellars with the yeast fermenting at the bottom of the barrels. Today pilsner is varied into many categories and the double bocks and others vary a great deal from the traditional pilsner. These top ten pilsner lagers have been constructed using a more traditional selection of beer type, though not to be considered narrow in variety and tastiness by any means. By all means try and enjoy all of the tremendously refreshing brews in this list of the Ten Best Lagers Pilsner Beers!

  1. Blue Point Toasted Lager is the micro-brewed champion of the northeastern United States and this list! This smooth pilsner and wheat beer hybrid is a light to medium bodied lager with a hoppy aroma and smooth punch.
  2. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is America’s second best attempt at a traditional German pilsner, and this dark honey colored brew is delicious! The taste of massive hop ingredients flows true here.
  3. Red Stripe Jamaican Lager is a tropical brew that is unique unto itself. This yellow Jamaican import is light, but not too light in body, is easy to put back and yet froths flavor.
  4. Saranac Black Forest is a bit darker than traditional pilsners, but is very light in body and hoppy. Caramel seethes in the background of this!
  5. Michelob Amber Bach is another caramel flavored black lager type beer that is very satisfying. The Amber Bach’s body is light to medium, not too filling and not sweet or bitter.
  6. Warsteiner Premium Verum is one of the world and Germany’s best all around brews! This straw colored masterpiece tastes gooood!
  7. Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager is a widely distributed microbrew that cools down the body in the warm months of the year with a medium body and a rich tastiness.
  8. Brooklyn Pilsner is a traditional type of light hoppy flavorful pilsner that walks the walk and does the talk.
  9. Yuengling Lager is from the United State’s oldest brewery and it does not disappoint. This is the cheapest beer on the list and is light, yellow, and delicious and puts any Bud to rest in a second.
  10. Labatt Blue is one of the world’s top selling beers, and this Canadian pilsner has been crafted with a slightly higher alcohol content and therefore this medium bodied lager hits home with a tasty punch!
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