10 Best Lakers Players Ever

In the process of narrowing down the 10 best Lakers players ever, one is immediately struck by just how spoiled Los Angeles basketball fans are. This is because you can easily make the case that these 10 players are some of the best players in the league, ever. So if you're a Lakers fan, rejoice!

  1. Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Others may have scored more points, but nobody could survey the whole floor like Magic which is why he's at the top of th list of 10 best Lakers Players ever. That smile gave hope, even when the team was behind. It was so great to see him break the Celtics' hearts.
  2. Kobe Bryant.  Kobe is a close second to Magic when it comes to best Lakers players ever. He may have more talent, but Johnson gets the nod for also being an excellent team player, a trait Bryant received much criticism over. Even then, his level of play goes unparalleled.
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Kareem was so good we can forgive him for his lame performance in "Airplane" and include him on this list of best Lakers players. That sky hook of his was one of the most effective moves in all of NBA history.
  4. Wilt Chamberlain.  Wilt wasn't in his prime any longer when he arrived on the Lakers, but he took them to some of their best seasons. Wilt The Stilt is one of many great Lakers centers and one of the 10 best Lakers players ever.
  5. Shaquille O’Neal. The awful way Shaq left the beloved Lakers counts against his standing. However, when he was teamed with the then young Kobe Bryant, the Lakers were unstoppable.
  6. Jerry West. Mr. Clutch is the greatest Lakers "white guy" ever. That's not really important, however, because he really did make a lot of clutch shots. He's also their greatest executive ever, which easily lands his name on this list.
  7. Elgin Baylor.  Forget about the Clippers; this is a Laker, who brought so much excitement to the league before the NBA was really popular.
  8. James Worthy. Big Game James, they called him. He complimented Magic perfectly during Showtime days.
  9. Gail Goodrich.  Folks may not remember Goodrich the way they recall West, but those two guards made up an awesome back court back in the '70s.
  10. Byron Scott.  Byron Scott may be the best pure shooter to ever wear a Lakers uniform. He's smart, too, as is exemplified by his recent coaching successes.
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